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    Turbo power hairdryer for salon results at home

    The most powerful blow dryer for professional hair styling results at home – Twin Turbo 3200.

    At one of my highfalutin hair appointments, I asked the very chichi stylist how I could get the same gorgeous blowout at home? Instead of a hold-the-brush-this-way and use-this-product kind of hairstyling how-to, his response: “You need me”!

    Well, perhaps he’s on the right track because you can get his tools.

    Frederic Fekkai, Oribe, the Jean-Louis David chain and 8 out of ten stylists in major United States salons all use the The Turbo Power Twin Turbo Ceramic Ionic 3200 blowdryer that’s like no ordinary dryer, but a souped-up style salon on steroids. So good, that the publicist actually pitched the account after falling in love with this power-packed professional blow dryer herself.

    The lightweight Twin Turbo 3200 is the fastest drying blowdryer on the market, yet its gentle on your hair and holds your style for hours longer than most consumer dryers.

    Ceramic radiates heat and dries hair from inside out so hair dries smooth, repels moisture yet doesn’t look or feel dry.

    Ionic helps reduce frizz and static electricity so as a result hair is shinier and softer.

    The most powerful professional dryer out there has all the bells and whistles that pro’s ask for including an estimated four times longer lifetime than most home dryers, four styling temperatures plus instant cold air, and an anti-overheating device. The  Twin Turbo 3200 is a little pricy at $199, but your hair will thank you for years to come.


    –April 17, 2008


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