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    Q:Prom Hair Styles… Cool special occasion hairstyle tips for glam prom hair

    My daughter’s school dance is coming up and I want to help her find a pretty prom hairstyle that’s glamorous, yet still youthful.
    She loves Hollywood red carpet hairstyles, but I’m afraid that she is too young to pull off something overly sexy, although her favorite expression appears to be, “that’s hot!”

    Can you help us find the latest prom hair styles? (Naples, FL)

    A:While most girls these days love to copy the red carpet hairstyles of celebrities or of models for their prom, they are still young and a certain amount common sense applies to tone down grown-up glamour into a teen style that’s fresh, modern, hip, and dressed-up.Nothing is more awkward than to see a teenage or ‘tween girl dolled up like a painted munchkin or tiny tart. Take the essence of Hollywood glamour and soften it a trifle to celebrate one’s youth– girlhood is something that you only have once, so celebrate it!

    The hair stylist’s at Sexy Hair Concepts have created four top hair styles that are pretty enough to make any girl stand out at her prom or special occasion and we have some great tips to share to help you get the look at-home.


    tossled hairdo

    The BELLA DONNA is a soft, perky prom curl look much in the fashion of Helena Bonham-Carter, Lindsay Lohan, Gwen Stefani, and Christina Aguilera.

    bottle of hair product

    • Shampoo and condition hair roots to nourish the ends.
    • Towel dry and spray with curling detangler for weightless extra conditioning.
    • Apply a curl enhancer, flip head over and blow dry while scrunching the ends of the hair to maintain curl.
    • When hair is dry, with head still down, spray hair with 24/7 Curls in 1″ sections and create ribbon curls with a spiral curling iron, working over the entire head.
    • Blow bangs out and to side with large round brush.
    • Pin the back into a French roll, dropping pieces out in the back and sides.
    • Spray hair to finish and hold style with a firm holding hairspray.

    torch singer hairstyle

    The TORCH SINGER has the old time movie star glamour with a very modern touch. Conjure up the the hairstyles of Rene Zelwegger, Joely Richardson, and Gwen Stefani for your prom.

    • Shampoo and condition hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to give hair a start on massive volume.
    • Spray roots with a volumizing spray mousse, flip head over and blow dry encouraging volume.
    • Set hair in large hot rollers starting at recession line in a half moon effect to the other side, then down the sides and back. Use the largest hot rollers possible.
    • Remove rollers when rollers and hair have cooled.
    • Brush hair well, back from face, then push it with hands forward to the side to establish the soft wave in front.
    • Brush sides back gently, then to the side over hand forming one continuous roll down to the ends.
    • Spray lightly with volumizing hairspray for hold, and finish with a smoothing sealant.

    the diva hairstyle

    The DIVA prom hairstyle was seen at this year’s Academy Awards on Drew Barrymore as well as Scarlett Johansson‘s mussed edgier version with a tiara.

    • After regular shampooing and conditioning, emulsify two pumps of leave in conditioner and work through hair, especially ends.
    • Blow dry, brushing hair back with a large, soft styling brush.
    • Divide head into five sections: top, sides, crown and back.
    • Brush the back and twist into a French roll. Pin and spray with a soft holding hairspray.
    • Divide the crown into 3 sections, backcomb each section, and leave them.
    • Take left side, brush back softly to crown and roll over finder to create loop effect. Pin under crown. Spray with Satin.
    • Repeat on right side.
    • Take crown sections, one at a time, roll into desired shape and pin. Spray.
    • Brush top to side, gently backcomb and form roll over hand toward forehead.
    • Spray to hold.

    the heartbreaker hairstyle

    The HEARTBREAKER is for those prom girls who love a little rocker chic influence, like Sharon Stone and who know short hair can be cuter than hair extensions.

    • Shampoo and hair
    • Towel dry and spray with leave-in conditioner.
    • Emulsify hair smoother into hands and work into hair.
    • Blow Dry with a vent brush first forward and then to center in a Mohawk effect.
    • Emulsify a controlling product designed for short hair in hands and work it through hair into center, breaking it up to create texture reminiscent of Mohawk but feminine.
    • Spray gently with a volumizing hairspray to hold.

    –May 07, 2005

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