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  • Ponytail Perfect Hair Styling Tips


    Top stylist + new hair elastic = easy and cool hair

    How to style the perfect ponytail with new Goody Stay Put Hair Elastic and celebrity hairstylist tips, hair products

    There’s nothing better than an inexpensive little find that rocks. Sure, everyone has worn a ponytail from time to time, but not always with top notch results.

    The slick ponytail is the requisite cool hairstyle for fashionista girls who crave that offhand hip look. But for most, ponytails don’t always come with top notch results.

    Surburban housewives still think that a scrunchie is a fashion statement, ouch! Others, can’t quite grasp that a ponytail can be chic instead of a way to haphazardly gather undone hair. And, don’t even get me started on bald men holding on to their hippiehood with a dangling banana curl held by the rubberband that they found on the post office floor, ouch, ouch,ouch!

    Now, there is a simple salvation that just about idiot-proof’s what should be the easiest hairstyle in the world.

    Goody StayPut elastic are slip-proof hair bands that have an intertwining rubbery strip which gently and securely keeps hair in place without dreaded broken ends. It’s a simple and effective hair solution that makes you wonder why someone didn’t think of it before.

    To celebrate the launch of StayPut elastics, Goody has teamed up with celebrity hair stylist Paul Labrecque— who has worked with tops stars like Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Hilary Swank— to share his tips on how to keep your ponytail looking its best.

    Paul Labrecque’s Top Ten Ponytail Styling Tricks:
    1. Start with day-old hair and don’t wash it the day you wear a ponytail. Your hair’s natural oils will help the ponytail hold better.

    2. Use a soft gel to lightly go over the hair to keep short ends in and rid any fly away hairs for a more polished look. Also dab a little bit of conditioner on ends to keep them looking glossy.

    3. With a flat paddle brush, use small circular rotations to sweep the hair up. This will keep hair flat and reduce any tangles or pesky bumps.

    4. Before you start brushing the hair, decide where on the head you want the ponytail to sit. Use the palm of your hand to grab the hair easily and place it up.

    5. If you have long or very curly hair, flip your head upside down to smooth out the front of your hair, then come back right-side up to actually secure the hair elastic.

    6. Once the pony is secured in your hand, give the hair a slight clockwise twist to interlock any shorter layers.

    7. For a tighter ponytail, slip the hair elastic into position and change hands to give it a second or third twist.

    8. When removing the hair elastic, hold the base of the ponytail and glide the elastic offso it doesn’t pull or snag strands.

    9. For a simple chignon, tie the hair elastic at the root of the hair and tie another elastic on the ends. Then knot the hair under and pin both elastics together

    10. For shorter layers, use multiple hair elastics on the hair to hold in the layers and keep strands in place. Use different colors for a fashion statement.

    Goody StayPut hair elastics available:
    Drug and beauty stores
    –May 27, 2005

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