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  • How To Set Your Intention to Look Natural on Video [Quick Tip Video]

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    Quick tips to feel and look natural on video and make the camera or smartphone your friend.

    Connecting with your audience either in a live video or recorded  (like my Quick Tips!) is essential for the success of your personal brand. Like it or not, being on camera is part of our lives now, especially if you are an entrepreneur, coach or consultant.

    Videos are used on not only your website but on  every social media service available… so instead of freaking out learn how to have fun with the camera.

    In today’s Quick Tip, you will learn 5 simple way to look more natural on video.

    1.Before you start talking, start thinking about the intention of the message you want to convey.

    2.  What are the first few thing you want everyone to know? Say it in a most natural and conversational way.

    3.  Stop thinking of the camera as a strange object you are looking at, and start thinking about it as you are talking to a friend.

    4. Erase your negative feelings and believe that you are good on camera.

    5. You just need to be yourself and your audience will love you.

    FocusOnStyle Quick Tip Videos with Sharon Haver are on the go (unedited, undone, real life) one take, one minute videos designed to help you elevate your business, life and style each day. For the QuickTips Video Library, click here.

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