Video Style Tips for Social Media: How authentic should I look on camera?

Video tips to be real, relevant, and stay on brand…

In this video, you will learn if being too much of your authentic self is holding you back on video?

So much of our lives is captured on camera these days. As a small business owner, entrepreneur or free-lancer, we tend to broadcast ourselves on a daily basis between Facebook Live, Skype, Youtube, Instagram, etc.

Lately, I’ve been getting asked so much about how “authenticity” comes into the picture as we project ourselves online as the face of our business.

The answer depends on a few factors.

You have to consider the tone of the video. Is it slice of life or business oriented? If it’s slice of life, it’s okay to look casual. But you have to distinguish casual from sloppy and shlumpy. If you look like a wreck, people will assume your business and brand are a wreck.

To boil it down, you must look relevant and avoid looking SLOPPY anytime you appear on camera.

When addressing your audience with business in mind, you might want to put more effort into your style and presence with some makeup and planned outfits.

Always make sure you come across professional and on the mark for your industry. The main idea is that you must stay on brand. Don’t capture yourself in a nonflattering way. Even for more casual videos, your visual message should be polished, even if you are not wearing make-up.

A little goes a long way when you clean up well.

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