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  • Human Billboards: Ray-Ban face tattoo & Chanel temporary tat

    Les Trompe L'Oeil de Chanel

    Fashion and tattoos have been in the news this week.

    First the good news, fashionistas are all abuzz about ‘Les Trompe L’Oeil de Chanel, the rather gorgeous temporary tattoos from Chanel.

    The Chanel Temporary Skin Art tattoo collection, are detailed and rather feminine designs based on those created by Peter Philips for the Chanel sp 10 fashion show. They are affordable enough to suit any budget-minded whim, and best of all, quite temporary.

    ‘Les Trompe L'Oeil de Chanel'

    ‘Les Trompe L’Oeil de Chanel’

    Then, there’s the bad news.

    Now, we do like our Ray-Bans but this is nutso.

    Some tattoo enthusiast is the recipient of the brainstorm gimmick to what seems to be a permanent tattoo of a pair of Ray-Ban glasses on one of the already non-tatted pieces of real estate on his heavily inked body.

    Hope you love that style of Ray-Bans

    Hope you love that style of Ray-Bans

    It seems that this is some sort of viral marketing stunt. Stunt, paid ad space, odd idea of beauty, whatever, it’s dang weird.

    Watch the video “Guy Has Glasses Tattooed On His Face,the Ray-Ban tattoo process in action:



    Les Trompe L’Oeil de Chanel / Chanel tattoo photo via Trendhunter

    Tattoo photo via Flickr

    Viral Source

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