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    Fashion Tips- Red Clothing trends – get the red-hot fashion clothing trend now:

    How to get the three season fashion trend

    Color of the moment…. Red clothing trends to get next season’s look now!


    Right as Red …
    How to get the three season fashion trend + shopping guide for red

    Dear Sharon: I’m trying to keep one step ahead of fashion trends, but feel like I’m lagging behind. I watch all the runway shows and red carpet events wishing that I could afford everything I see, but alas my eyes are bigger than my budget.

    Don’t get me wrong, I can afford nice things, just not something that’s out before it even gets from the runway to the stores! What’s a good fashion investment to keep my wardrobe up-to-date and last awhile? — Ahead of the Trend, Marblehead, MA

    Dear Ahead of the Trend: Here’s a concept: Stop thinking like a consumer and start to thinklike a stylist. If you want to get longevity out of a trend, look at what’s right on the streets (designers do), what’s on the catwalk for the season ahead, and what’s saturated in the stores, because once a trend is all over the place, it’s out.

    Red is kicking around a bit, but it is going head-on strong from this spring right into a heavy hit for fall 2008Ś that’s three seasons that are as right as red! From the international runways of Balenciaga, Tommy Hilfiger, Zac Posen, Tuleh, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Vickor & Rolf, and Gucci for guys, red is making a very visual impact in their collections.

    You can get the nuance of the designer trend with just the precise punch of color! And, best off, since a little bit of the classic color adds a lot, merely a hit of passion-evoking scarlet, vermillion, cherry, stop light, or crimson can packs a major wallop of modernity to your styleŚ look out our street-style glamourellas and you’ll see just how easy this look is to master.


    Right now, why not add a pair of cutting-edge red tights to an otherwise black outfit? Or, keep the black tights, but wear a pair of skyscraper red platforms. I know that I can’t wait for the warmer weather to wear my new bright red Paul Smith cropped trench coat- it looks so chic with just a white shirt and dark trousers. April showers style-on with some cute red Wellies or a red headband to hold your ponytail back. As the weather warms up, try a red mini with bare legs and a neutral wedge shoe in tan or taupe. That gorgeous red, silky blouse will work right into fall.

    The dark eye and pale lip is so over-rated, glom on to an old-time Hollywood glamour of a neutral eye and very precise matte red lip Śbright or deep- to really look hot. At night, add a dash of gloss on top, but do keep your hair slightly undone for a younger look.

    Whatever you, keep in mind that red is a very powerful accent color, do not drown yourself in too much of a good thing. Style onů

    –April 1, 2008


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