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    Smartcar – Eco chic and sweet

    Smart car – Eco chic and sweet automobile from Mercedes-Benz and the founder of Swatch watches.

    What would happen if a major car manufacturer and whimsical watch company produce a cute little joint venture?

    You’d get 4-wheels with lot’s of moxie!

    The inventor of the Swatch watch, Nicolas Hayek, brought his dream of an "ultra-urban" car to Mercedes-Benz, resulting in a teensy, fun, and sturdy “it” car that’s been cruising the streets of Paris, Rome, Barcelona or London, and now the US of A.

    The eco stylish Smart Car Fortwo has extremely low exhaust emissions, uses only water-soluble paints for its three basic colors – black, white and yellow, and its molded-in color body panels are fully recyclable.

    Best off, the car is sized to be city-friendly so you won’t waste time circling around to find the perfect sized parking spot.

    It may look like a cute little toy car, but the Smart car even is designed to achieve a 4-star crash rating in the USA. At press time, the high on style and low on budget beauties start at $11,590, now that’s pretty smart!

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    –March 24, 2008