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  • On the Road: Authentic western looks are more romance than reality…

    Road trip shopping in Montana and Wyoming for iconic western fashion

    Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam…

    Where seldom is heard a discouraging word, except when it comes to the fashion that’s cloudy all day!

    City slicker fashion peeps have a romantic and idolized view of Western clothing. We assume that the fabulous fringe, perfectly worn in cowboy boots, dusty dark jeans, and delicately beaded belts are an easy find in any shop in a town where lodgepole pine outweighs cement or old time shoot ‘em up references still apply.

    Well, reality doesn’t always play as well as Ralph Lauren’s stylized vision of the Wild West when it comes to fashion.

    I should know about authentic western fashion as while many New Yorkers opt for wild parties in the Hamptons, I opt for wildlife in my backyard at our vacation

    The iconic Dale Evans and Roy Rodgershome in Wyoming. What we gain in majestic scenery, we lose on a mixed bag of shopping in any category short of the aforementioned lodgepole furnishings.

    When I do see someone dressed in a rather cool western outfit, it’s usually a septuagenarian who finds Dale Evans to be more of a style muse than I do.

    There are plenty of cowgirl influences to inspire but when it come to actually something to desire… the burgundy broomstick skirts with machine embroidery, pink rhinestone belts, and cowgirl slip-on mules will have to stay behind. After that, the tourist trinkets start to seem more appealing if only their quality was better and not lodged between racks of polar fleece pullovers.

    That’s for the women’s fashion.

    Kate Gosselin wannabe hairstyle

    A good deal of cowboys still know how to maintain their iconic “Marlboro Man” charm.

    But for everyday women’s style, reality may play better than one would want to imagine as Kate Gosselin’s hacked up crown is a copied hairstyle! Silly me thought that one of the kids must have put some gum in her hair and she had to make do with a clever do(n’t) to camouflage the stubs!

    Native American store display amidst the polar fleece

    Every one in a while I get a craving for something western to wear. It must be seven years that I’m trying to add another plaid authentic western shirt to my wardrobe, but unless it’s a rare vintage find, plaid and western mostly hitch-up in pastels or florescent metallic if a designer label isn’t attached. After years of random collecting, I think I hit my home on the range western bounty for a while with the collection that I have round up over time… it wasn’t easy!

    However, western has left the rodeo this season as a viable fashion trend.

    I decided that while we ventured on our family road trip from Wyoming and headed across Montana that I would try to do a little fashion investigation. I was determined to bring back something authentic and covetable.

    Vintage store window in Missoula, MT Accessories at Redneck Chic

    >> Check out: Cowgirl Chic, what the real cowgirls of Wyoming wear

    I’m always a fan of mixing high and low, authentic and designer. I decided to make it my quest to find unique and stylish western fashion finds.

    Not so lucky.

    Redneck Chic- western style vintage coats

    But I did find plenty of pretty photos to get you inspired. And, inspiration can play a greater part in your style than an actual piece of clothing. Take a look. Get a look. Get the influence. Add to your fashion mix. Catch you at the chuckwagon… hee haw!

    Western boots in Wyoming

    Shop these styled up modern western looks– we did the edit on the best in the western fashion trend for you, no road trip required, just iconic cowboy style!


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