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  • Sarah Jessica Parker + Sex and the City 2 = 80’s Rewind

    Sarah Jessica Parker -

    I’m not loving the math on this one…

    If there was anyone who could redo 80’s style at its super fun best it would be Patricia Fields– some of my best stripe tops came from her shop back then. If there was ever someone whose present out beauties her past it is Sarah Jessica Parker.

    From yesterday’s first day of filming Sex and the City 2 in New York, there have been some paparazzi photos leaked of a very polished and lovely looking SJP in her role as Carrie.

    But then there’s also this homage to the 80’s number, complete with the rather unflattering mall perm…

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    Yes, I have bias as I admit scarring from having to sit through the Broadway production of Annie of which SJP started in the title curly wigged role. I was not a fan of Square Pegs either.

    I was a big fan of the 80’s downtown New York club scene and styled it with my best shot, many a night out.

    Classic weekend just hanging outfit: The Kamali-esque inside-out Everlast sweatshirt with the Flashdance cut off top, check. The skinny sweats, check. Vintage pearls, check. Converse sneaks, check. Plastic barrel tote bag in a large print, check. Vintage luggage on a wheely cart, checked all through Italy. Smokey eyes, check. I would have thrown in some huge earrings and dark sunglasses too, but maybe in another scene.

    However, for me, the curly permed hair is more of a past imperfect memory that I’d rather let fester with all the suburban mall rats who kept it going for an additional decade beyond its expiration date. Particularly on SJP. Never liked it then. Still don’t like it now. How about you?

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