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  • Rihanna Rocks Some Very Cool Sunglasses- That is if you can get past the rest of her prom queen Muppet look

    I’ll Have What She’s Having: If you look beneath the overworked mess

    Yes, Rihanna, when it comes to your celebrity style, sometimes, well, most of the time, you work the living daylights out of it.


    But, the rest of you can find a golden needle in this mishmash of too many style things…

    Despite Rihanna’s questionable 80’s era Miss Tennessee inspired up-do and the fact that her feathery ensemble looks akin to a Jim Hensen Muppet creation, what does work and what one could take note of is her exotic cream snakeskin covered Linda Farrow Luxe shades.

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    While they instantly illuminate the face, they also happen to hit upon fall’s full on reptile print trend in a more wearable dose. We even love this version in natural python more.

    Way better with a simple bold colored coat and statement sunglasses

    Way better with a simple bold colored coat and statement sunglasses

    Take a lesson from Rihanna’s over worked style and let statement frames stand on their own by pairing them with more subtle, understated, classic pieces.

    See, when she pairs the same sunglasses with a simple coat, she looks great.— Naveed Hussain

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