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  • How to add gazpacho in your sales strategy – that one ingredient to make it happen! [video]


    Gazpacho has tomatoes (or in this sexy version avocados), what does your sales strategy have that makes it stand out?

    While hubbs and I are eating at the Guggenheim Museum, something out of the norm came into my head and it has something to do with a crazy sexy version of gazpacho that’s made from avocado.

    So, this is how it goes…

    When you’re doing sales and when you’re promoting your business or you have a client or you have a program just like I do or like anyone else does, you always wanna get more, you always wanna give more and give in your best stuff.

    Usually it happens during a one on one with a business coach where everything is customized, tailored specifically to your needs so it’s kinda like a fast way up to the finish line and get everything you want faster, its all for you, you cut out the fluff.

    But something feels missing.

    This is how the analogy goes, when you’re promoting yourself out what you wanna do is give total value on everything someone needs to make the gazpacho. So you’re gonna give them – say the recipes for the gazpacho, the knives to cut up the tomatoes, the blender that make the gazpacho – but whatever it is you gonna give them all the ingredients, the onions, peppers, the amount that you put into it, everything you need to make the gazpacho so they can make the gazpacho on their own.

    BUT WHAT IS THE MAIN THING? In gazpacho, the key ingredient would be the tomato, or in this sexy version the avocado.

    So what you’re really selling, what they’re really having is that your product would be the avocados, because you can’t get the gazpacho without the avocados.

    Basically, how this relates to your sales strategy is that you give them everything they need but the main thing to really complete it – to really finesse it – is the one key main ingredient that ONLY YOU can help them, that only you can make it more valuable.

    And that UNIQUE ingredient makes you stand out from the rest.

    Watch my Live Video @ the Guggenheim Museum and learn how to add gazpacho to your sales strategy.

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