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  • Know when to be real [video]


    How to be authentic when filming for social media.

    In the digital world, we connect with what seems authentic and real.

    So when you create images and videos for your tribe, you have to set yourself up properly.


    A good rule of thumb is to have about 80% of your images be DIY to amplify your personal connection to your audience. Take the time to plan out your own photoshoots and videos and don’t worry if it’s not perfect.

    People relate to what’s authentic and real – like when you’re doing your own live videos,

    • The shot is very spontaneous
    • You hold your own camera
    • You set yourself up, your own hair and makeup
    • You direct your own shots

    As long as you look ON BRAND, these authentic snaps will carry a much bigger message than a pro shoot ever could.

    And, more often than not, using professional studio photography to help you get your shots can lead to a “phony” representation of yourself.

    And when you know when to get real, you stay true to yourself. Remember, what people most relate to are the spontaneous shots that keep you grounded to your brand – no loud makeup, no super shiny glossy hair, just you and your camera and the wonderful message you send across. Those are the authentic and real ones.

    Watch my Live Video and know the secret on how to look good without getting off brand.

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