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  • Scarf This Up: Mommy Chic Wrap & Spiffy Bowler a la Alicia Keys

    Alicia Keys arrives on a flight at the Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport with her son Egypt in Paris, France.

    I’ll Have What She’s Having:  A voluminous scarf  and a menswear hat to effortlessly glam up the most basic outfit.

    It REALLY is that easy.

    Getting out of the house sometimes, can be an effort in itself. Particularly, on those down low, kick back (ha!), whirlwind of errands and mommydom days. Or maybe, just a work at home, no one sees me until, crap, I have to go out and look good kind of day.

    Now what?

    Oh yeah, for many of us this kind of day is far more realistic than a pair of stilettos and a slinky sheath.  On the dressier side, it’s almost by route, You pull a perfectly fitting dress off a hanger, add some gorgeous shoes. Off you go.

    Casual. Oy. That get’s complicated. But, it doesn’t have to.

    Don’t believe me look at total mommy chic bliss by way of Alicia Keys, pictured at the top. Saucy perfection with two grab as you walk out the door accessories: a big scarf and a guy’s hat.

    Looking for some color to brighten your complexion? Try this  Rag & Bone Floppy Brim Fedora in ruby red

    Looking for some color to brighten your complexion? Try this Rag & Bone Floppy Brim Fedora in ruby red.

    Swathing oneself in a voluminous scarf and adding a snappy, non hatty hat can take wearing jeans and a T-shirt from blah to bellisima.

    You see, there is something impulsive, yet lavish,  about enveloping yourself in a large wrap of fabric, folded in half, twisted for good measure, and then pulled through the loop to perfection. No matter how rich the fabric, it still comes off as off-handed, and that’s good.

    Need fancier tips on how to wear a scarf? Right this way, for my how to tie a scarf video.

    And, about that hat. Undone hair with a done up attitude happens in a snap with the swagger of a menswear hat.  A feminine hat is too contrived and obvious. But a menswear hat, like this gorgeous dusty white bowler-esque fedora adds a sexy allure and heightens the grab as you go attitude. Remember how Julianne Moore pulled off a cute summer version of a menswear hat?

    Effortless is easy when you have the right pieces. Start with these two pieces.

     I pulled some scarves and hats to consider adding to your wardrobe:


    Theodora & Callum Gold Multi Goa Tie All Scarf

    Photo: Theodora & Callum

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