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  • Somber, Retro Glamour for Oscar Fashion Stars

    It’s curves not cleavage at the 78th Annual Academy Awards

    Oscar Fashion 2006- Celebrity style turns back to good old Hollywood glamour.

    Only Dolly Parton and her “girls” were able to shake some badass sass into last night’s Oscars. Never one to take herself too seriously, Dolly has fun with her campiness- and, that’s why it works for her.

    Meanwhile, most stars took themselves very seriously in retro glamour that was divine at it’s best and aging at its worst.

    Reese Witherspoon
    shined in her 1955 Christian Dior gown that she picked up in a Paris vintage shop. The ribbon and beaded gown could have looked more Mamie Eisenhower than ingénue on anyone else, but Reese’s simple, undone hair and makeup, and perky charm kept the look young and her own.

    Charlize Theron‘s statuesque glamazon figure places mere mortals in her shadow. She pulled off her stunning, yet stiff, Dior Haute Couture gown with Elke Sommer inspired upswept hair, complete with a trace of dark roots for some imperfection in her perfection.

    Michelle Williams was a breathe of fresh air in a fresh, vibrant Vera Wang daffodil gown with delicate ruffles. Perhaps, some of her modernity will wear off on her stodgy school who’s headmaster publicly disowned her for her role in Brokeback Mountain.

    Future brides will have been taking notes on Nicole Kidman’s ivory, strapless Balenciaga gown that can weave it’s way from the red carpet to down the aisle.

    Pretty is as pretty does, when Keira Knightley sashayed down the red carpet in an exquisitely draped, wine colored, one-shoulder custom Vera Wang gown that’s elegance could only be captured in true couture.

    As far as those “what was she thinking, fire the stylist” comments, particularly the star who never looks comfortable in eveningwear and this year, looked as if her pantyhose was yanked up over her navy bustier, well, we will save them for drinks.

    —March 6, 2006

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