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  • Style Motivation Week! When you are out of your comfort zone…

    out of comfort zone nicholas kirckwood

    This week’s Spotlight is all about Style Motivation… ’cause if you can’t get motivation, you can’t get it together… regardless of what IT is.

    Sometimes, you need a little kick to get out of your comfort zone and that’s what this post is about. So kiss that style rut bye-bye.S.H.

    The other night I was sick. Really sick. A case of food poisoning to rival that scene in The Exorcist times seven. The following day had me feeling like I was bitten by a swarm of Tsetse flies (ok, I don’t know what that really feels like, but it could be close to this) coupled with a case of cabin fever that I desperately needed a quick respite from.

    Vroom, vroom, it was time for a bit of fast action Retail Therapy to cure my ailing ways.

    I was really heading over to see if there were any shoes with a comfy walking heel but instead became rather attracted to these wave heeled mules (pictured above against a painting in my entranceway). Was it the fever or the feeling to try something out of my comfort zone, I’m not sure. I am sure, that I really don’t need another pair of shoes suitable for display, but…

    There’s no doubt that the wave heel fits more with my home decor than what’s in my closet. But why not?

    And that’s the point.

    Why not go out of your comfort zone once in a while. Particularly, in the case of shoes.

    If your wardrobe is on the simple side. Think classic lines and non-fussy, architectural details, then a crazy pair of shoes here and there does the trick to add a little… pizzazz.

    Comfort shoes are great. But once in a while, take a chance.

    Go for a shoe that becomes a conversation starter. Be it an architectural heel, a vibrant color combination or bold pattern, some unexpected meshy sheerness, or even a modern metallic update to a Birkenstock.

    Simple is fine for shoes. But just never go boring. What’s your favorite shoe? Hope over to Facebook and show me there.

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    Pictured: My new Nicholas Kirkwood wave heels. More Nicholas Kirkwood shoes, including a pair that I’m eyeing, over here.

    Originally Published on Apr 17, 2014;Aug 26, 2014

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