Really, what do fashion people wear? It’s more normal than you think

Gray classics from Zara

Do you think it involves six-inch platforms and three mixed prints everyday? Eh, think again on what fashion people wear in their real lives. You might discover that it’s a lot like you.

I often hear that someone has shied away from fashion because they think it’s too complicated.  Well, it is if you follow the photos in magazine editorials or fashion bloggers who pose their day away (where do they get the time?).

Everyone has a different approach to fashion. There is no one modus operandi to style other than being authentic to yourself.

And, that’s not necessarily being trendy.

Particularly, when you take a close look at what ‘fashion people’ REALLY wear.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone can use a dose of the new. But think about this, if the people who work in the fashion industry and who have access (discounted or free) to every new trend don’t necessarily wear what they preach why should you?

They’re in the business because of their expertise and their knack for style. Yet, what they (we/I) wear is usually a very pared down, elegant approach with just the right pieces rather than the showy stuff that’s part of their job.

It’s so easy to get distracted with fashion hoopla and the fantasy of it all. Leave the crazy combinations for the personal style bloggers and street photographer darlings- that’s because what photographs well, is not always the same in real life.

And for those fashionistas, it’s all about the shot, not the reality. (Ok, so some have very over-the-top realities but that kind of daily fabulousness is a very special soul).

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I thought it was timely to revisit the idea of having a classic uniform based on the relevance of a recent Wall Street Journal article, “How to Dress Like a Fashion Insider– They may create out-there trends, but fashion’s elite go for the simplest separates when dressing themselves,” tells it like it is and pushes back the curtain on what looking like you work in the style industry really is about, not the TV show version.

I did a quick Facebook post on the article the other day, but feel that the value is instrumental to how you perceive style. I want to take a deeper look in hopes that you see that fashion and style are really not that complicated when you know how to pull it together.

Photo from the WSJ
Photo from the WSJ

Let’s ponder this ditty from the WSJ article, “Especially when those discreet shirts and trousers are being chosen by people with an encyclopedic knowledge of clothing and an eye for perfection. Plenty of folks looking for style tips would be eager to note that Vogue Paris Editor in Chief Emmanuelle Alt wears Topshop’s skinny Baxter jeans or that Proenza Schouler’s Jack McCollough is partial to a certain denim shirt from Swedish label Acne Studios.”

Yup, THE editor of Vogue Paris wears jeans… from Topshop… to work!

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The secret to chic is not glomming onto the trend of the moment but finding style within yourself and it’s often more normal than not.

That’s my personal style premise and what I base FocusOnStyle on. It’s also the core of my premiere style mentoring program, the C’est Chic Crash Course. I hope you join me.

Trust me, a wardrobe of goofy trends is for amateurs. Look like a real fashion insider & you will look like you arrived!

Quoting the Wall St Journal some more,”Fashion insiders who push colorful, out-there trends but wear sober basics themselves? The idea isn’t new.

But the clothes worn backstage or behind the camera seem more relevant than ever, given the phenomenon of Normcore and a general appreciation of less of-the-moment pieces.”

The reality is that you don’t want to wear clothes that wear you. You want to look polished, pulled together, cool, chic, whatever. Just not a fashion victim.

Added Bonus: Wearing what fashion people wear doesn’t have an expiration date, both for your ageless style and for the style life of the garment. Win-win!

Are you with me on this?

Have you developed an eye to eschew the noise and hone in on your own special something? Tell me, what’s your favorite go-to look?

Lead Photo: Zara

Original Publish Date: Nov 20, 2014

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