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  • How to get those smokey eyes like Mary-Kate Olsen

    Burberry: Spring/Summer 2010 - London Fashion Week

    Love the look of smokey eyes but don’t want to look like a squirrel? Makeup tips to get it right.

    We have all been in the mood for the sultry, sexy, smokey look at one time or another. Mary-Kate Olson‘s glam makeup makes us swoon. But, how exactly do we get the look without looking like a squirrel?

    Some people prefer a more dramatic look which is thicker. A more natural smokey look will be thinner and cleaner. Here are some makeup tips to get smokey eyes:

    Start off with an eye base to keep the look fresh and avoid creasing. Put some loose powder under the eyes to catch whatever will fall and to avoid smudging.

    Line your eyes close to the lashes on the top and the bottom. No need to go Cleopatra, just keep the line clean and simple.

    Apply a neutral shade on the whole eye and then choose a dark gray, black, dark brown, dark purple or navy as your smokey color.

    Mary_Kate Olsen dressed in Burberry arrives at the Burberry Sp10 fashion show, London

    Mary_Kate Olsen dressed in Burberry arrives at the Burberry Sp10 fashion show, London

    Start at the outer corner of your eye up to the crease and work inward with your selected shade. Blending is the key so having the correct brushes gives the flawless look you want.

    Take another color one shade under your dark one and work that from the middle of the eye inward.

    Blend your colors two at a time.

    If you want to add more drama, put a frosty white or petal color just under the brow area.

    With a smaller brush take your dark color and apply it over the liner. Smudge it to achieve the smokey affect you are looking for. Last minute blending will be needed working from the outside in.

    Mascara is the last touch which gives the nice full look. Don’t forget to brush off the loose powder with a big powder brush and use q-tips for any small areas to clean up.

    Once you get the hang of it, the smokey eye is easy and a great look to wear with a nude lip.

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