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  • Drink champagne from a Louboutin stiletto, mais oui!


    Piper-Heidsieck Le Rituel par Christian Louboutin champagne is sexy chic

    Piper-Heidsieck Le Rituel par Christian Louboutin Presell Has Begun

    Imagine the decadence of drinking champagne from a Christian Louboutin stiletto?!

    This has to be one of the ultimate fashionista gift ideas, ever. And, we would dare to guess it to be a coveted collector’s item in the making.

    Now you can not only indulge your most luxurious fantasies but you can savor the experience again and again with the elegant crystal stiletto champagne flute by the master shoe designer, complete with a red sole.

    Drink up, display, and spoil yourself.

    ?Le Rituel par Christian Louboutin for Piper-Heidsieck is available in extremely limited quantities and the U.S. pre-sale has begun at Sold as a gift set with Piper-Heidsieck Brut.

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    Winemaker’s notes:
    In 19th century Russia, gentleman patrons celebrated a ballerina’s triumphant performance by raising her champagne-filled slipper in a toast. Scandalously, this tradition was adopted at the Folies Bergere in Belle Époque Paris, where the revelry of the dancers and their admirers often transcended just the dancing.

    Piper-Heidsieck has resurrected this tradition with Le Rituel by Christian Louboutin. A marvelous crystal stiletto champagne flute by this master shoe designer stands on a translucent sole saturated by his iconic red hue of seduction, which perfectly pairs with the renowned red label of Piper-Heidsieck Brut in this extraordinary gift set.

    Available in extremely limited quantities and at the price of $500, only a fortunate few will have the pleasure.

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