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  • The Snow Boot Guide: The Top 6 Winter Boots For Different Kinds of Snow And Ice

    Snow Boot Guide- The top 6 winter boots for every kind of snow

    The definitive video snow boot guide for every kind of winter condition short of mountain explorer

    When I was at my vacation place out west last week, it was cold. Crazy cold.  I decided to do a Periscope video snow boot guide of my favorite stylish and practical footwear so you know how to look for the best winter boots for different kinds of snow.

    You know how I love my fancy shoes. But you also need to be smart and practical when the occasion calls for it. I learned the hard way that all snow boots are not created equally on my first trip to Jackson Hole.  What is perfectly functional for city snow is as practical as wearing a bikini to climb Everest when it comes to brutal weather.

    How to Look for the Best Boots for Different Kinds of Snow

    Backstory: I am a New Yorker. Born and raised in Brooklyn. I’ve been living in Manhattan since my college days so I can say that I’m a total city girl. And then I married a skier with a place in Jackson, Wyoming. I remember the very first time I went out to his ski place about 18 or 19 years ago when we were dating. It was a really good snow day and as a skier, he just couldn’t let that pass especially since my flight was delayed with no definite ETA. It seemed like a no-brainer to take a car service from the airport to his house rather than have him hang around the airport all day.

    Once I arrived in Wyoming, I told the cowboy cab driver the address and as it’s a small town, the driver appeared to know where it was without question.

    My friend and I were dropped off at a house with an unlocked door. Once inside, it just doesn’t seem quite right. I looked around at the photos on a refrigerator door and thought, “this isn’t Michael’s house!” Then, I realized that the cab driver dropped us off in the right neighborhood but the wrong house!

    Forget snow boot guide! I needed a guide in a vehicle like this. Change the color and this was pretty much how I "arrived" in Jackson Hole, WY.

    Change the color and this was pretty much how I “arrived” in Jackson Hole, WY.

    There were about eighteen inches of fresh snow outside and mind you, this happened during the pre-cellphone era so there was no way to call for help.  My friend and I trudged our suitcases through the snowdrifts until we could flag down a big yellow Sno-Cat (think tractor for snow). We told the Cat driver where we were going and he threw our suitcases in the rear and had us ride shotgun to the right house.

    Whoosh. Not only was my arrival totally insane but my feet were freezing in my brand new city girl snow boots.

    What I quickly realized out of that experience was that there really are different kinds of winter boots for different kinds of snow.

    There are snow boots for fluffy snow, there are snow boots for ice and there are snow boots that you can wear in the city. I thought since I was naïve about what kind of snow boots are appropriate for different kinds of winter conditions, I’d share what winter boots work for me in each condition in this Periscope snow boot guide.

    Periscope LiveStream Replay

    Watch the full Periscope replay of my snow boot guide. I go over each type of sole.

    And, a bonus tip on cold weather hats! 

    Snow Boot Guide - The top 6 winter boots for every kind of snow

    Boot Tips Start at 5:53
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    How to find the best snow boots for style and function

    (Tip: It’s all about traction)

    Let’s take a tour of my winter snow boot closet out west…



    The “Normal” Cold Weather Boots

    Traction is key. My newest city to mountain boots are not only stylish but have sheepskin to keep you warm and a hidden wedge for a little height that’s easier to walk in than a heel. These Australia Luxe Collective- Machina Distressed Leather Hidden Wedge Boots are great for city snow, light winter weather and getting in and out of your car. The fuzzy interior means you are toasty enough without wearing socks but when it’s really icy outside, the ridge in the sole of these boots don’t do the trick.

    Check out the ridges of the sole of your go-to snow boots. If it is not very deep, then that’s great for fresh snow, fluffy snow, city streets and “normal” patches of ice. But when it’s below zero outside and the street is a sheet of ice, this kind of sole without heavily indented ridges can get pretty slippery.


    The Boots for the Icy Weather

    These clunkers are probably not the most gorgeous boots but they have the much needed traction and really good for their purpose. Plus, the Gortex keeps you nice and dry. The wedge sole has deep ridges to hold your balance  This “hiking boot” style are the best for icy weather.

    If the weather calls for a study boot like this don’t try to style it for something it’s not. Skinny pants and a big sweater balance the heavy sole. Similar style pictured.

    I also mention my old Columbia Bugaboo boots that are super for traction as the sole has a kind of like a snake back or an armadillo back that have incredible grip for going up an icy ridge.




    The Decent Looking Boots for a Horrible Weather

    This is the kind of boots I would wear when I need to take Mr. Poodle out for a walk or meet the guys in the mountain when it’s horrible out. It’s practical, it looks decent and it has enough ridges on them to keep you stable on slick ice. Read Stylish Cold Weather Boots- Bogs And Sorel Chicify The Chill Factor for the full review. Similar style pictured above as my style is no longer available- this newer style is actually pretty attractive:)




    The Boots for the Super Deep Snow

    There is nothing better than a Moon Boot for trudging through deep, high, fluffy snow. These boots are way too slippery for icy weather because they are too flat and they do not have enough traction on the bottom. The old school futuristic design always looks modern. Pair them with skinny pants and have fun jumping in the fresh snow.


    UGG Cluggette1

    The “Early Morning, Dog Walking” Shoes

    These fall into the category of what you wear in Wyoming stays in Wyoming but have grown on me through the years.  There’s nothing easier to slip into for a morning dog walk than these shearling clogs with a sturdy lug sole. The mid-size ridging on the sole is good  sole is good for iffy icy weather and do work in a couple inches of snow. (Similar style pictured)


    The Boots that are Not for Winter

    If you don’t want to commit to snow boots or really want to make the boots that you already own a bit more practical for winter, there are two tricks.

    Have the shoe repair put a rubber sole on your boots. Not only will this preserve the life of your shoes, but it will give you the traction you need that a typical leather sole simply does not provide. It’s costs about $30+ in my neighborhood.

    And the big reveal: Shearling boot liners! Instantly, you have a winter boots that are nice, warm and comfy. Read more about Warm Your Cold Feet With These Sheepskin Insoles… I’m gaga for them! (similar style pictured)

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