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  • So 80s…


    A bright look at the creatures who ruled the night

    I paid for this book!

    Never paid to get into a club.

    If I paid for a drink it was to make a point. Knew who had the drink tickets.

    Knew who had the party favors. If only it was just to know.

    Oh, it as was so 80s.

    Should money be spent for a NYC 80s party, it best go into the pockets of Patrick McMullan. Right next to the tiny camera that he chronicled every party worth partying in a decade where the party was it.

    From outlaw parties to ones where real royalty held court— not just the drag queens, Patrick and his itsy-bitsy camera were there. Every diva on the scene knows he must have enough photos to wallpaper all the ceilings downtown. Patrick shares a mere 400 odd pages worth of those black and white, party hardy, been there done that images in so8os: A Photographic Diary of a Decade.

    But my favorite Patrick photo only I cherish– it’s the one that he snapped of my idol Audrey Hepburn with me that’s perched near my desk.

    Let the good times roll…

    –November 6, 2003

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