The Bug for UGG boots… How to ride the sheepskin uggs boot wave

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Q:The Bug for UGG boots… How to ride the sheepskin uggs boot wave

Can UGG boots be worn with flared or wide leg jeans? What about UGGs under the jeans, or do they look best worn over skinny or bootleg jeans? Are UGG boots able to be worn in the spring if pared with a short denim skirt and tank or are they snow boots? Tell me more. (Mount Vernon, WA)

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You summed it up with the word skinny! Unless you are tall and skinny with shapely legs don’t even bother to read further-well, read but don’t wear.

It may have peaked as a hot insider fashionista trend last winter, but ugg’s (as we are told is what the type of boot is called Down Under as opposed to the brand we associate with it) still abound and have taken on the stickiness once reserved for pashmina as a top street trend that just won’t go away.

However, these frumpy Australian sheepskin boots have been around way longer than the memory of many a trendster. They enjoyed a heyday in the late seventies and fashionably quelled down about the time a pair of tobacco colored ugh’s became the footwear of choice for folk singing earth mamas in mid-calf paisley skirts… which is exactly why the yin and yang of short, clumsy boots paired with a cute mini has a far more pleasing esthetic. Wear uggs with either slim pants or tights tucked in to them and keep skirt length to above the knee.

Pamela Anderson was photographed wearing them on and off the set of Baywatch and the frump factor suddenly disappeared. Pam’s love of UGG is not so far fetched. An Australian surfer who loathed cold feet when he rested on shore conceived UGG Australia.

But, here’s a wardrobe secret: Uggs are worn behind the scenes on TV and movie sets because they’re soft and cushy and won’t leave marks on your foot when it’s time to shoot the scene in a pair of sexy heels!

As a matter of fact, according to Australian fashion etiquette, uggs are not to be worn in public- they are the country boots to wear while doing chores out back. Perhaps the Aussies know more than fickle fashion followers.

But designers do know best when it comes to riding a trend– there’s a slew of more shaped and flattering shearling boots out there this season that keep to the earthy feel without sacrificing style.

I’ve heard conflicting opinions about the boots from the fact that they are waterproof to behaving like a soggy paper towel roll. From being comfortable in warmer weather since sheepskin allows the feet to breath to how the smell of removing a pair could clear a room, let alone your dating schedule. In an effort to clarify, I asked the UGG Australia pr agency for a pair to road test. However, I was informed, “The cupboards are bare!” People do wear them in warmer months and UGGs were outfitted to presenters during the Winter 2002 Olympics. You decide.

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–November 7, 2003


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