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    The Little Green Tablet that Reduces Body Odor

    You know summer is here when it’s the umpteenth time you’ve been assaulted by the wafting stench of some stinking stranger on the street. In the front seat of a cab. On line at the bank. Next to you at the gym.

    What happens when Dick Tracy isn’t the only one palling around with B.O. Plenty? What happens when people think your alma mater was PU? What happens when the BO comes from you?

    For those deep in the stink there is a simple solution: Body Mint.

    Get that clothespin off your nose and pop a little green tablet to rid the raunchy aroma naturally. Made from a special derivative of chlorophyll and taken daily, the total-body deodorant reduces breath, underarm and foot odors from the inside.

    Body Mint was originally created for the people of Hawaii to suit their tropical outdoor lifestyles. Hawaii always smelled beautiful to us. Now the feat remains, if everyone on the rush hour L train took this dietary supplement will NYC mass transit smell less hideous in the summer?
    I stink not!

    –July 11, 2003

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