Over the Knee Boots… The runway trend that rides high

Over the Knee Boots... The runway trend that rides high

Q: I am 5 feet tall and Asian. My husband of 10 years loves to see me wearing boots. He prefers boots that are thigh high or knee high. I am a bit shy. He likes to see me either in tight pants tucked into the boots or wearing a mini skirt to show off the boots. I’m afraid of being misinterpreted for “something else”. Is there a solution for this? I love my husband and would like to please him.

Also, given my height, is this form of dressing appropriate to make me look taller? Thanks for helping!!! (Gilbert, AZ)


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The independent feminist in me wants to tell you that when it comes to dress you should please yourself before anyone else within the normal constraints of appropriateness. Women are usually more adventurous when it comes to style than men, but oddly, in your case, your husband is far more fashionably forward than you. Sweetie, you really need to live a little.

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Hemlines are on the rise and as your hubby knows, what’s better to show off a mini skirt than some rocking legwear?

Practically every fashion runway that showed short skirts paired them with some kind of boot from thigh-high to knee-high to ankle, high heel to flat, chic to freak… boots are riding high for fall. The fashion show photos pictured from the designer collections of Bill Blass, Alice Roi, Custo Barcelona, Gaelyn and Cianfarani for PETA, and Diesel are just a few of the fashion designers that gave a leg up to boots.

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Given the fact that you are petite, opting for a more monochromatic look will add inches to your frame. The “something else” you’ll be interpreted as when seen wearing boots this fall is a woman with style!

–July 18, 2003