Style Savior: Try A Statement Tunic To Save The Day + How to Wear It

I’ll Have What She’s Having: A tunic top so chic you’ll want to wear one on one of your trying days

How to wear a tunic and look chic, not beachy… stay tuned. We’re still a buzz with inspiration from our street style coverage of Paris Fashion Week and one look at this p-y-t has us lauding the tunic and its versatility. Here at FoS, we’ve long turned to trusty tunics to conceal our mid-sections, most notably with skinny bottoms.

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Here, a decadent print makes an original statement, especially when paired with slimming black and low-key accessories. But also take note of how her tunic length top works to  hide her waist & hips while sitting away from the body without a bulky look.

And by sticking to a strict palette of black, she was also able to balance the heavy on the eye fabrication of her tunic. What also worked was the paneled effect the pieces print is decorated with.

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When looking for a stylish, statement piece for one of your ‘off’ days, consider these handy tips:

  • Like the trend-setter above, look for a tunic that has a relaxed silhouette
  • Avoid jersey and body-con fabrications, the idea is to avoid a fitted look
  • Take a cue and always flash a break of skin, it helps you appear taller
  • Stick to fitted bottoms for a crisp approach
  • Keep everything besides the tunic neutral, how easy is that!

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Photo: Frances J Davison