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  • Stylist Advice- Should I Wear Nylons to a Formal Business Dinner?

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    Hi y’all. I’m recuperating with a fractured ankle so Naveed is doing this week’s Stylist Advice question… -S.H

    Q:Dear Sharon:
    It’s been awhile since I’ve had to wear a dress to an evening event during winter in the Northwest. I’m so torn on the proper thing to do when it comes to nylons. It’s a business banquet with Sr. executives from my husband’s company – I really want to be polished as I’m representing him in front of his people. What would you recommend? I’m thinking I should wear nylons (nude) but I never see anyone with them on!  (A. via Fashion Advice)

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     While we think nylons that are anything besides black are unnecessary, it depends on what you plan on wearing them with and how comfortable you feel without them. It’s true that now, there is a time & place for them and your event calls for you at your best.

    And since it is a formal event, going for a darker hued option or opaque black with Swiss dots to at once set both a level of luxurious sophistication, and a self-assured sense of confidence and ease. Plus, they’ll make your outfit and shoes pop and slim down your silhouette.

     So what about going nude?

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    Keep in mind that advanced technology is on your side even if nude nylons aren’t in vogue. If you’re planning on wearing something below the knee, a little research should help you find the most flattering options out there.

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