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  • Ageless Style Week- Can a senior wear a short skirt?

    Portrait of Attractive Senior Woman

    This week’s Summer Spotlight is Ageless Style…

    Just because you could doesn’t always mean you should when it comes to senior style. But, then again…

    q Can a 70-year-old fit woman wear a skirt above her knees? I’m never sure what is right for me. (L. via Fashion Advice)


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    A:When you ask if a senior can wear a short skirt, well, there really isn’t a solid answer. It’s a tricky question.

    I am all for feeling and looking young at heart. Appearing sophisticated, worldy, and wise isn’t bad either.  And looking hot at a certain age, that’s  pretty darn good too.

    As we are lucky enough to age, because the other choice is not being here, it’s often best to forgo fads & fuss and opt for clean lines and grown-up styles. It simply looks more polished.

    And, then there’s Betsey Johnson

    FW13 BETSEY JOHSON NEW YORK 02/10/2013

    The designer celebrated defied her 70th birthday at her NYFW fashion show back in September and returned to the catwalk– along with her signature cartwheel finale– at her  fall winter 2013 show last month, pictured above, with her active wear collection  that had a “BJ Kicks A” theme.

    Honestly, if you can rock it out of the house like nobody’s business, sure wear a short skirt and have a helluva good time wearing it. Have your Betsey moment, but remember she is a RARE bird.

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    However, if you are questioning the idea I would have to assume that you don’t feel confident in your choice and super confidence is what it takes to pull off a young look at a later age. Wearing clothes that have a juvenile feel end up being just as aging as wearing matronly clothes. And, that goes for any age, whether 30 or 70. You want to look modern.

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    Try these style guidelines to rock a short skirt later in life and still look grown-up….

    • Keep your lines clean and simple and avoid fussy styles.
    • Go slightly above the knee rather than mini.
    • Opt for neutral & sophisticated colors rather than girly pastels or neons.
    • If you think your legs are up for it, but are a bit hesitant, try wearing shorter dresses with black tights to create a tonal look.
    • Avoid crazy high heels and platforms and opt for a more refined 2″ – 3″ pair of pumps.
    • Save the short skirts for the beach, particularly if your skin is looking crepey.

    Always think chic!


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    Photo: iStock, Betsey Johnson courtesy

    Original Publish Date March 27, 2013

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