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  • Ageless Style Week- How to look older? I’m a young mom and my sons are being mistaken for my little brothers

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    This week’s Summer Spotlight is Ageless Style… Let’s help this reader with stylist tips on how to look older

    q Help, I need style advice fast! I am 27 years old, 5ft 1 and a size 4/6. I have a decent figure considering I have had two children but have a major issue… and I know in 10 years time if I still have this issue I will be laughing, but at the moment, I find myself at a complete loss.

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    My issue is I look roughly between 18/20 depending on what I am wearing but have been told I sometimes look near 15. I know I should be happy I look young for my age but I feel like people do not take me serious. I have tried changing my hairstyle and tried different clothing but due to my tiny frame,height and lack of know how, everything I try just seems wrong.

    I am really at a loss on what to do. Is there any type of clothing or hair style out there to help me? I feel so stuck in a rut and feel really ugly, as if I am mutton dressed as a lamb. I know this must sound like a strange request, but I honestly need advice.

    It is becoming such a problem that my sons are being mistaken for my little brothers and my partner is being confused with being my dad. This has been putting stress on our relationship as he gets embarrassed. I also get ID’d everywhere I go which I don’t mind but when its for things like medicine for my children, it becomes a major issue.

    I start school in September and want to be viewed as the adult women that I am, any advice you could offer me would be wonderful. (Katie via Fashion Advice)

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    For starters, lucky for you that time has your back! Not only are you fit & in-shape after two children but you also have avoided the unwanted aging pitfalls of parenting thus far -so rejoice on that matter!

    But when it comes to looking your age, we feel you as we too have had to reconfigure our look at certain points in our life to be taken seriously. And while there’s nothing wrong with retaining your youthful you, you deserve an authoritative personae as a hard working mother.

    Take actress Kerry Washington above, who in a lush red ensemble from Jason Wu’s Miss Wu line, is the epitome of grown-up cool. She looks arresting, fuss free and age-appropriate in a look that is fun and easy to assemble.

    Here’s a quick shortlist to keep in mind of what to wear & what to avoid, when you are trying to figure out how to look older without losing your youthful edge.

    Fashion Do’s:

    • Look for fitted items to show off your figure while impressing with crisp tailoring 
    • Keep your color schemes bold but elegant and go for all-over prints to give you a substantial presence
    • Pull together a tidy look with clothes that fit well and are worn well, tuck in that shirt!
    • Buy suiting, and separate the pieces from time to time as a white button down worn under a blazer with jeans is chic no matter what age
    • When it comes to hair, go for something sophisticated like a fuss-free bob, or a glamorous chignon -even in the day
    • Wear make-up, especially eyeliner as it gives off a put together presence that most young girls don’t attempt
    • Find some great flats and sandals that are both comfortable and elegant

    Fashion Don’ts:

    • Avoid sporty clothing & styles, they aren’t the only comfortable options out there and they give you a slovenly look that ultimately makes you look immature at the least
    • Skip the whole dolly-girl trend i.e peterpan collars, mary-janes etc as that is one trend sure to keep you looking too young
    • Skip trainers, tennis shoes and the ilk as they are too casual
    • Neutral and natural colors often tend to give off a younger look, stick with rich colors & textures instead
    • Pigtails, barrettes and hairbands will most certainly give you a look that is too young
    • Carry a purse, not a backpack or any kind of bag that could be confused for a schoolbag
    • Completely ditch logo, slogan or graphic tees as they are mainly for the young and carefree
    • Keep your beauty routine on the deeper color spectrum and avoid pastels and earthy shades

    Does anyone else have any tips on dressing to not look like a kid? Please share in the comments below.

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    Photo: Courtesy of Miss Wu by Jason Wu

    Original Publish Date: May 15, 2013

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