Stylist Advice: Can I wear this Rebecca Taylor maxi dress to a wedding?


 Would this Rebecca Taylor pleated maxi dress be appropriate for a guest to wear to a formal(bridesmaids and MOB’s will be in long dresses) summer June wedding in Wisconsin? The wedding will be late afternoon and the reception is at a formal hall.  (M.W. via Fashion Advice)

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 First off, great find! We instantly recognized this pleated maxi as a score for many a reason, besides the Rebecca Taylor runway show. With its neutral color, it serves as a versatile foundation piece as it can be worn with just about anything and styled in a myriad of directions after the wedding. And since your wedding is in June, where in Wisconsin the weather can be unpredictable, you can also layer away -appropriately. So yes, you CAN where this Rebecca Taylor maxi dress to a wedding!

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Add matte metallic accessories for a hint of subtle glamour and if you can, find a gorgeously decorated or embroidered shawl or cardigan to add a bit of interest to the dress’s minimal composition. Plus, a shawl will help you flaunt the number’s open lattice back while pleats give the dress a desirable amount of elegance.

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What we also like about the dress is that its something that you can wear as easily to a wedding as you can to outdoor summer events, gatherings and so on. Making it an ultimate great buy, and something you should own as a closet staple.

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After the wedding, think about the endless directions you can transition this piece with. Add a belt, throw on a cardigan, wear a fitted top underneath, wear flats, wear boots -like we said, just about anything. And that’s the beauty of classic, smart design to always keep in mind.

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Photo: Rebecca Taylor