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  • Splurge! Treat Yourself With Little Fixes For Major Impact


    With a new season comes the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe with little fashion fix splurges! Keep these ideas in mind:

    After catching up on essential trends with us here at FoS, take a moment each season and scan your options and most importantly, treat yourself to both fill in the holes and update your look instantly with fresh, key pieces & beauty pick-me-ups, like rich red lips as seen in the photo above. And when it comes to you, why not treat yourself with little fixes for guaranteed major impact?

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    Vivid Hues: Color is one way to update your looks while avoiding having to go all out. Consider a matching head to toe suit a one-two power punch or some saturated vivid lips as an easy way to standout. Or, you could opt for accessories in bright hues and substantial prints. No need to be a wallflower, have fun with the color trend as long as you stick to pieces with classic elements.

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    Denim: 1990’s inspired ripped jeans may sound like an odd proposition, but when you dress them up you can look sexy and comfortable -how cool is that? By pairing say a relaxed silk blazer, an unbuttoned white dress shirt and heels or dressy flats, you’ll look up to date without trying too hard.

    Beauty: Exfoliating your skin with a light cleansing scrub or gentle face peel to illuminate and flesh out surface debris, also boasts a comforting sense of luxury, no matter how little. Same goes for a mani-pedi, especially if you try to go for a varnish in an unexpected hue, like jade green or robins egg blue. And a blowout every now & then always works wonders, and most often costs under $20.


    Add-Ons: And last, you can never go wrong with ornate, oversized jewelry for the ultimate statement. Remember Lanvin’s chunky statement makers for Fall 2013? Go for something similar as they paid a nod to heirloom sophistication while being pure fun.

    QUESTION: What are your Top Three favorite wardrobe fixes? Please share in the COMMENTS below…

    Photo: @Cacharel

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