Stylist Advice- How Can I Wear Head-To-Toe Denim?

I’ll Have What She’s Having: Rocker head-to-toe-denim à la Gwen Stefani that can really suit me too!

Q:Dear Sharon: What are your ideas on trying out the head-to-toe denim look when I am old enough to remember it being on-trend, the first time around? I try my hardest to keep my look age-appropriate, so how can I avoid making a misstep? (K.A via Fashion Advice)

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 You aren’t the only one who remembers that early 80’s moment when girls with that perfectly prissy ‘Charlie Girl’ attitude turned heads in denim as  tall as the eye could see! That was a great moment in easy on the eye & the wear fashion, which is back, thankfully fine tuned for today.

Take Gwen Stefani’s denim GStar jumpsuit, above,  as a smart starting point when looking to discover the merits of matching denim tops & bottoms.

For a more summery take on head-to-toe denim, this  Rebecca Taylor Bleached Denim Jumpsuit is totally fab!
For a more summery take on head-to-toe denim, this
Rebecca Taylor
Bleached Denim Jumpsuit is totally fab!

With pops of color and personality via bold accessories, the singer makes a case for just how easy head-to-toe denim can be. At once she looks comfortable and put together, which should come as no surprise as a jumpsuit cleverly helps her avoid a sloppy fit.

Note that head-to-toe denim has made a major comeback since Celine, Chloe and Stella McCartney showed stylish alternatives on their runways seasons ago. In fact, both head-to-toe ensembles and jumpsuits have made their way up the ranks when talking pillars of basic, uniform dressing.

Keep your outfit simple, and fuss-free with little to no details. As long as the silhouette sits away from the body, you’ll be able to enjoy your new denim piece’s versatility with the confidence in knowing that you’ve hit age-appropriate points. Think about the outfit as blank canvas for layering and accessorizing, from hi to low.

Full of easy sophistication, the look evokes an entirely new meaning to the term ‘denim tuxedo.’ Take full advantage of the style notes offered here as the only effort it’ll take is to keep it restrained –if you want to.

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Find a smart denim ensemble like Gwen Stefani’s:

  • Look for fits that riff on classic suiting and sit away from the body
  • While less is more, skip overwrought design elements and clingy volumes, or the opposite -volume. Go for a relaxed fir and you’ll have a winning look on the ready
  • Keep your options on the polished side, look for sturdy denim to give the look a more luxe vibe
  • Since the look is based on refined basics, have fun with your accessories and go for both luxe and bold — Naveed Hussain
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