Beauty Advice- How to make my eyes stand out?

We’ve got a repeat reader asking for some beauty advice. Always glad to help!

Q:Dear Sharon: I’ve contacted Focus On Style about a year ago and it helped me to change my style completely. I really am quite confident in what I wear now and it’s quite fun. Thank you again!

I just have a quick question regarding my eyes. I have very small eyes that don’t really grab attention (that’s why I wear quirky glasses *giggles*).

I was wondering is there anything I can do to sort of enlarge my eyes to make them stand out a bit?

I’ve tried everything, dark colours, light colours, matt and shine, and Im still quite confused and dont know what fits best. My eyes are brown and I have short and light eyelashes. (T via Fashion Advice)

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 I thought it would be best to have Brad Boles answer this time as he worked magic as a makeup artist for a gazillion years and can shed some professional makup pro advice on how to make eyes stand out. -S.H.

Thanks for  sending your photo, and as promised, we won’t publish it. I must say what a beautiful face you have. There is no reason to be hiding behind glasses unless you really like the  geek chic look of wearing eyeglasses all the time.

Good new for you…. Your eyes are not as small you think!

When it comes to makeup magic, it really is a matter of how you apply your eyeshadow to create the illusion of much larger eyes. Here’s how:

  • I recommend that you use a medium brown shadow (non-metallic) on the outer corners of the eye in a cat shape tilt.
  • On the inner corner of the lid,  brush a light beige metallic from the lash line  joining the brown shadow to the outer corner of your eye.
  • Use a natural rose colored matte shadow in the crease.
  • Above the crease you will use the same beige shadow brush the brow from nose to outer corner.
  • Use a dark brown mascara on the upper lids only.
  • Avoid any shadow or liner on the lower lids.

Stay away from any pencil liner unless your skilled enough to do a very thin line.

Have your brows professionally shaped with a striking center arche to open up your face. Think Elizabeth Taylor!

It’s more than just your eyemakeup. The key to opening up the eyes is the apply the right contour to the apples of your cheeks up towards the ears with a swiping motion of the brush.

Good luck and let us know it works.  — Brad Boles

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