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    How should I wear this Pins and Needles Chiffon Maxi Skirt from Urban Outfitters?

    I love it, but I don’t know what top would go well with it…? — A.L. via fashion advice


    Well, first off, I have to admit that chiffon, or any unstructured, maxi skirt is pretty darn tricky to pull off without looking like you’re wearing a sack.

    There’s an 80’s unstructured retro vibe, which is only fresh if you have not lived through the 80’s and seen photos of yourself and friends in droopy, saggy clothes. Or, just look at all the girls on the street today trasping around in what looks like a milkmaid’s nightgown rather than a maxi dress.

    A maxi can be a toughie to pull off if you don’t accessorize the right way.

    Since you love a maxi skirt rather than a maxi dress, you need to keep the top in the same soft feel as the styling of the skirt. The Urban Outfitters styling, in the photo above, has the skirt paired with an 80’s feel soft tank or the soft U-neck T, which works. A cute camisole top would be another thought for warmer

    Fashion Tip: Keep your top tonal to keep the total look long and lean and don’t go matchy-matchy in color or you’ll get the dreaded nightgown effect.

    Here’s how I would style your accessories…


    I would add a soft belt in rugged leather or a tactile fabric to define your waist and add some texture. The casualness of brown leather works better for me for either for the nude or black skirt– too much black with a black maxi can get a bit Goth.

    A few wood bangles or some light and layered ethnic necklaces make the maxi look more street smart and add tactile interest without being too formal.

    Long skirts look best with flats or wedges as both are in balance with the hemline. I’d love to see a brown wedge with either skirt to create an even longer look.

    If you need to cover up, try a cropped washed denim jacket or short sweater over your tank top. Be sure that your jacket is also not overly structured and hits above your waist.


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