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  • Stylist Advice- What To wear to a film festival


    I am of Indian origin and live in London. I am going to the premiere of a Hindi movie at the London Indian Film Festival.

    I am just wondering if I should wear something formal like a black dress or casual like a pair of jeans and a nice top to go with. Thanks for your help — M.G. via fashion advice


    When in doubt about what to wear for any occasion, it is always best to ask someone in the know who is either part of the event or a guest. As I’m not familiar with what is usually de riguour fashion at the London Indian Film Festival, I did the next best thing and researched it online!

    From what I can tell from last year’s film festival photos, there was the red carpet, of course, and the rest of the guests were dressed in a variety of outfits from Western dressyish to traditional Indian to jeans.

    From a fashion standpoint, I would say wear what you feel comfortable in for a night out in the city.

    If you are a jeans girl, wear jeans but with a more formal top, and do wear heels. If a little black dress is your thing, go for it and add some simple chic accessories. If you favor traditional Indian dress, this is the perfect occasion to wear it.

    Consider some of the incredible Indian design talent…


    What I would suggest is that if you do decide to buy something new, with all the incredible Indian design talent, why not consider a designer of Indian heritage, like Rachel Roy, Manish Arora, Naeem Khan?

    Or, even layer simple white classic shirt with lot’s of gorgeous Indian jewelry, either ethic or Indian designer like Amrita Singh, … pile on the bangles and necklaces and you are good to go!

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