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    Stylist Advice to gain confidence is precisely one of the reasons that I’ve been online for 15 years in order to help you be present your best self possible. In my continuing reprise of some of my greatest evergreen material leading up to the 15th anniversary year of online.

    I want to spend this week’s review looking back at what sure-fire ways that I’ve personally tested to help boost your confidence instantly.  Read on & revisit15-years-Focusonstyle-anniversary-320x338-logo-copy – S.H.

    Q: First of all, I totally love your website, it‘s really informative and helpful. I’ve been checking it regularly for quite a few months now and I always find something I really like.

    I‘m writing this message because I‘m sort of unsure about my style. I’ve been having this rock chick look for about 2 years now (I‘m 18) and I always felt really comfortable and confident – wearing skinny jeans, black jackets, bands t-shirts, various bracelets, necklaces and so on. My friends always liked my style and I didn’t even think of changing it.

    But as years went by I simply got bored with the same old clothes and at the same time fell in love with vintage clothing. I attached a few photos just to give you an idea. I absolutely love the style, I think it looks great and also suits my pale skin and thin body shape.

    The only problem I have is- I just can‘t really start wearing clothes like that.

    I have some lovely vintage clothes but I don‘t seem confident enough to start wearing them. I think that my friends and everyone else will just laugh at me because it‘s so different from everything I used to represent. At the same time, I believe that once I‘ll start wearing them, I will become more and more confident and eventually I‘ll get used to it.

    I’ve included a few collages of how I see my new style.

    As you see, I‘m very confused so I‘d really like some words of support, it would mean a lot to me, Peace and Love– T.K. via fashion advice

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    A:Thank you so much for your praise and support of FocusOnStyle!

    When it comes to changing your style, the self-confidence really needs to come from within. Style and beauty is how you see yourself, not what others think. A certain point in your life, and that may come with age, you start to understand that the only opinion that really counts about how you look is your own.

    It seems from writing in and taking the time to compile these fashion collages that you are ready and just need a little push of encouragement to make the change. You don’t really need to make a complete 360 change all at once, but can slowly integrate new pieces into your wardrobe.

    There’s no need to conform to one particular style. Cast yourself as a lead in your own fashion play every day. On Monday it can be more classic and feminine, on Friday more edgy and rocker. You set the rules as to what flatters you and appropriate for the occasion. Good style endures, so whether it’s vintage or brand spanking new, the style quotient is all in the mix.

    Rocker chic has always been a favorite style of mine but instead of wearing band T-shirts, look for more designed edgy pieces that have the essence of that look but are more sophisticated. Emmanuelle Alt has a French chic edgy rocker vibe to her personal style, but as editor of French Vogue, you can be sure that she’s not looking like run of the mill rock chick.

    Another style collage idea

    Another style collage idea

    Another style collage idea

    The pieces that you pulled in your collages all share a style thread that can be easily mixed into your wardrobe.

    The peachy floral dress (above) looks a bit 90’s grunge to me and rather than do the obvious with girly accessories, I’d add a few ‘tough’ looking pieces that you probably already own, like some of those bracelets and maybe even styled up biker boots.

    The classic black dress and French chic black ballet flats from your collage could also work with a rock chic black leather jacket or style the ballerina flats with some skinny jeans and one of your band T-shirts for a more sophisticated touch.

    The very feminine cream outfit from the collage at the very top would look fab with an edgy rocker haircut and maybe a great studded bag, but in taupe rather than black.

    You see, style is all about making pieces work and thinking out of the box to make it personal. Stop worrying about what your friends think and trust your gut. Soon, they will be following you!

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    Originally published on Published on June 28, 2011 

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