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  • Supermodel Style- Claudia Schiffer and Yasmin Le Bon Get Casual Chic Right


    I’ll Have What She’s Having: We get so caught up in red carpet fashion, but it’s everyday style that most of us need!

    Sure, it’s fun to ogle red carpet fashion and photos of today’s young crop of models, but what’s supposed to inspire a real woman over 30ish?

    Really, when was the last time you wore a ballgown or a pair of cut-off shorts and thigh high boots? Not too recently, I’ll bet. We need grown-up ageless style that we can wear everyday of our life, not in some fantasy. We are old enough to see trivial trends come and go and savvy enough to know what works on our body… what we want is realistic fashion without an expiration date!

    So how about considering the everyday timeless style of Nineties supermodels Claudia Schiffer and Yasmin Le Bon? Women and not girls, the two supes still have it going on and then some. And, when I say timeless, I also mean ageless so that these looks are right whether you are 25 or 55… that’s what age-appropriate fashion is about.

    Claudia Schiffer

    Claudia Schiffer

    Claudia Schiffer is darting about London in a russet blouson sweater worn over a simple charcoal turtleneck and paired with skinny dark jeans, matching russet over-the knee boots. Her taupe bag is what keeps the look uniform but not matchy-matchy. A pair of pitch-black aviator shades add some glam but still keep the vibe relaxed and classic.

    While the oversized blousy feel works on Claudia, an alternative top could be a modern poncho sweater or leaner oversized and more forgiving sweater worn with a low-slung brown leather belt. Her look is super casual, polished and pulled together either for a mommy day out or a weekend in the city.

    Yasmin Le Bon is wearing one of my must-have looks that works so well in every wardrobe- lean, minimalist black separates in an of-the-moment yet very timeless cut. While clean chic is so on trend, her outfit is far from trendy and that’s why it looks so fantastic. A single-button coat or blazer over skinny black crop pants and a strappy yet still closed shoe-boot makes this look so incredibly modern. Her soft black on black tie-front blouse adds a feminine touch to an otherwise menswear inspired outfit.

    Do note, Yasmin’s shoe— it is NOT a crazy high platform or a Fred Munster gladiator heel but a sleek and walkable high heel that is edgy and still elegant.

    Yasmin Le Bon

    Claudia Shiffer Photographer: Solarpix / PR Photos

    Yasmin Le Bon Photographer: Landmark / PR Photos

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