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  • What to Wear to An Office Holiday Party- Impromptu Madness with Sharon Haver and Brad Boles, Episode 17


    OMG- it’s that time of year where you need to dig up party clothes that you will never wear again! Well, maybe not…

    Women get so confused when it comes to what to wear to an office holiday party. You want to be festive but not too festive. You want to look professional but not boring. And you never want to look like the drunk girl with the dangling shoulderbag who looks like she wants to hook the boss! Or the wacky chick that Brad remembers from Patricia Fields’ party or the poor soul with toilet paper on her heel or her pantyhose stuck in her skirt that Sharon worries about.

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    In this video, co-hosts Sharon Haver & Brad Boles will crack you up with some stylish office holiday party dress tips and what not to wear if you want to be taken seriously at work. Plus, Brad wonders if it’s ok to rent a wedding dress. What do you think?

    Watch What to Wear to an Office Holiday Party, Impromptu Madness with Sharon Haver & Brad Boles, Episode 17:

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    Video Fashion Tips About What to Wear to An Office Holiday Party:

    • Look like a lady and not a hooker but not exposing too much.
    • It may be a party but it is still work so you ant to look respectable and not like disco ball.
    • Mix and high and low fashion finds for maximum impact without breaking the bank.
    • Don’t forget to only wear heels that you can walk in.
    • Don’t get too sparkly like a disco ball but opt for more sheen, like a good quality silk satin charmeuse.
    • You can tone down something very glitzy and still look modern by wearing black opaque tights… the contrast is very edgy.
    • Stack on bracelets to tzuj it up!
    • Don’t be a visual trainwreck by showing too much TMI!

    We pulled some Office Chic holiday ideas for you to look both festive & professional at your office holiday party:

    Sharon Haver is the founder and editor in chief of Brad Boles is the editor at large and also a reappearing cast member and Jill Zarin‘s gay husband on The Real Housewives of New York City

    Sharon is wearing a Yves Saint Laurent dress, with a combination of YSL and Forever 21 bracelets & her Hermes watch and bracelet, her own of course.


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