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  • Sure the “Big Why” Is Critical To Your Message, But Don’t Neglect The ‘Where”

    Why your environment is crucial to share your message (and it's easier than you think)e

    Finding your “Big Why” is typically the first step in your marketing and starting up your business as it’s those very reasons that will keep you going when things get complicated.

    Knowing the “why” makes perfect sense to set the path to share your message (your “what”) with the kind of audience you want to attract (your “who”).

    But what so many business coaches and entrepreneurs greatly overlook is YOUR BIG WHERE.

    In today’s visual world where authenticity trumps staged and make-believe settings.  So where you actually take your photos or shoot your videos really matters when you want to connect with your tribe as a legitimate, trustworthy, and down-to-earth (albeit aspirational) authority in your field.

    That’s exactly why I cut this live video so you know why you should use your environment to share your message.

    If you’re like me you want to know when you’re out there you really want to make your work easier, connect with your audience and accumulate the kind of wealth that doesn’t keep you up all night worrying.

    That’s exactly why I commissioned my team to curate The Selfies and Headshots Infograph Report that’s chock full of valuable data, astonishing facts, and amazing scientific findings that will keep you ahead of your competition. Grab your complimentary report here.

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