The 5 best trends from resort 2014 to wear NOW

The 5 best trends from resort 2014

Resort, the little season that could…

Fill you with inspiration now on what to buy, what to keep, what to dig out with the 5 best trends from resort 2014

Honestly, I have to make a confession.

I haven’t turned my closet over from winter to summer yet! I know it’s June, don’t remind me but with work, family, friends, travel, and entertainment my life has gotten in the way of spring closet cleaning (again) and I’m pulling out what’s in the front of my closet when it’s time to get dressed. Are you in the same boat ?

However, from a professional point of view, it’s my job to review collections & trends and share that with you. Right now on the fashion calendar, it’s Resort 2014.

As I’m personally barely up to spring, haven’t thought about summer, then there’s my favorite fall into winter, and now here’s resort. Whoosh, it can get overwhelming.


Therefore, I decided to take the “season” out of the picture & simply focus on styles that will endure with these 5 best trends from resort 2014 to inspire you on what you buy, what to rethink, and what iteration to rediscover in your own closet.

Keep in mind that thinking this far ahead is certainty that these looks won’t morph into fast fads as their longevity picks up nuances from what we saw during the fall collections & were even spotted in our street style pics (click on the headline links  below to see why).

Vroom, vroom, continue to get your inspiration going by way of Helmut Lang, Dior, Fendi, Chanel, and Marc by Marc Jacobs trends from resort 2014…

The updated sweatshirt at Helmut Lang 2014
The updated sweatshirt at Helmut Lang 2014

The relaxed silhouette of a relaxed sweatshirt styling in rich fabric continues to look so right, as does the side slit skirt. You really should own a few tops like this to make dressing that much easier. This one reminds me of a Jil Sander that I have squeezed in my closet. Note to self: better pull it out.

>> Lots more on the updated sweatshirt


The chic contrast of balck and white at Chanel Resort 2014
The chic contrast of black and white at Chanel Resort 2014

There are never enough ways to describe how chic and elegant the simplicity of timeless black and white is, particularly at a certain age. The retro-esque portrait collar and contrasting fabric textures, like on this Chanel number, add interest… that’s the word I use to otherwise say that makes it not boring.

>> Lots more on Black + White


The bold colored pantsuit at Dior resort 2014
The bold colored pantsuit at Dior resort 2014

Okay, this can be tricky to pull off. When the look is executed correctly, it’s a WOW. The execution is more by way of a genius cut rather than you combining pieces at home. So, when wearing vivid, bold color always be sure that the garment’s construction is top-notch because color this bright can look pretty awful with shoddy construction (that’s why I telling you now so you have  a head start to hit the sale racks). The fitted waist and bracelet length sleeves soften the menswear influence and add a very chic styling touch.

>> Lots more on Color


Graphoc mixed print combinations at Fendi Resort 2014
Graphic mixed print combinations at Fendi Resort 2014

Graphic mixed prints continue to be on the fashion radar. The easiest way to master the combination, and not look like a clown, is to use the background  color as the base and to either combine related patterns in the same scale or the polar opposite- like huge and tiny. It’s the ground colot that’s the glue to looking chic and not garish.

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Volume + Red at marc by Marc Jacobs Resort 2014
Volume + Red at marc by Marc Jacobs Resort 2014

The short or cropped sweater paired over volume-friendly pants is an easy look for your pudgy days. Don’t be fooled though, because excess volume is not a good thing on fuller figures. Catch 22, I know. Adapt the fullness to flatter your figure (a little goes a long way), and love red as your accent color… that’s easy!

>> Lots more on Red

Ok, these are my 5 best trends from resort 2014. What are you looking forward to and what styles do you already own? Do share in the comments below.

Photos: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Helmut Lang, Dior, Fendi,  Chanel

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