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  • The Best Way To Promote On Social Media Without Being Salesy? [Video]

    I picked up this social selling trick from reality TV stars

    What’s the best way you can promote on social media without being salesy?

    Celebrity Hack Ahead: Are you afraid to reveal too much personal info or be hardcore selling on social media?

    If you are, you’re right on both.

    Here’s the thing, people come to social media to be social. So if your feed looks like a classified ad with zero character, no one will pay attention.

    Conversely, if you have a bad case of TMI and are over-sharing personal details, if you’re not talking to real friends, no one really cares.

    But there is a golden mix!

    I started to observe the feeds of celebrities who also have products. People like Bethenny Frankel and Kim Kardashian.

    Here’s what I found:

    There’s a knack to bringing people with you as being totally real- particularly in Stories.

    I’ve always found a significant boost when I take my tribe along with me- it creates some entertainment value and not as boring as being perched in the same spot each time.

    And then, every so often pepper in something that you are promoting in a very natural way or in a downright ad.
    The key is to bring people along into your life so they are engaged and it elevates the know, like and trust factor.

    You see, being authentic is where it’s at right now.

    Watch the video to learn more…

    Then go to and enroll for free.

    The 5-day challenge shows you how to effectively and simply attract ideal clients, customers or followers to scale your audience without stress using what you have at hand.

    Video Transcription

    click to read full transcription

    – Hello, hello from the tea place.

    So, I’m waiting for my iced tea,

    in the little Japanese tea house near me.

    I wanted to come in and talk to you about

    how much to share, right?

    How much to share, so
    I know on social media

    a lot of times what happens
    is you want to come in

    and be professional and be stiff

    and you know, being professional is right

    for the right amount of
    time, but not always.

    And then a lot of people come in

    and they like really,
    I’m waiting for my tea.

    They really just wear their
    hearts on their sleeve

    and they’re just, they tell everything

    and it’s like the TMI convention

    and you know some people really just,

    they eat it up, other people just find it,

    a little too much TMI.

    So, when it comes to really showing it,

    I was listening to something,

    it’s kinda been in the zeitgeist

    of what’s going on.

    And, it’s been what I’m doing.

    So I thought I would share it with you,

    on Kim Kardashian had
    said something yesterday

    and it was that in her feed

    that she always tries to mix it up with

    being half promotional and half real.

    And if you know, start following people,

    if you follow like Bethany Frankel,

    she does amazing on social media.

    She’ll start telling this whole real story

    of what’s going on and showing you her dog

    and taking him around with her

    and then next thing you know

    she’s trying on her Skinny Girl jeans

    or making a salad with
    her Skinny Girl dressing.

    And if you see Kim, she’s
    doing something with her kids

    and then going out there

    and then the next thing you know

    she’s hawking her shape wear

    or she’s hawking some make-up
    or some other products.

    Same thing with Kylie Jenner,

    she’ll be–
    – [Barista] Grapefruit tea?

    – My grapefruit tea, thank you.

    She’ll be doing something,
    whoops [laughs], thanks.

    She’ll be doing something
    with the kid in the back,

    of Stormy in the playground
    and this and that

    and the next thing you know,

    her husband left all these flowers for her

    there’s a new lip set on the market.

    Get my straw, [mumbles].

    In Japanese tea you have to sort of get,

    see this straw is kind of angled?

    And you puncture it and
    then you get it in there.

    So, this is green tea
    grapefruit tea with bubbles.

    So anyway, the thing
    is and I do that also.

    And, it’s something that I think

    you guys all need to do.

    And that is to figure out
    when you’re going live,

    to somehow incorporate
    it in part of your story

    in being authentic.

    So you’re going out there,
    I’m losing my jacket.

    So you’re going out there

    and you’re showing people
    things that are real.

    You’re bringing them with you.

    Because the tribe always wants to know

    what you’re doing, right?

    They always want to see where you are.

    It’s– [bus engine revs]
    I’m gonna let that bus go.

    [bus engine revs]
    They want to be part of your world,

    but they’re not just gonna
    follow along for nothing.

    But, just like reality shows
    or the Real Housewives,

    once you see somebody in
    their every day habitat.

    I just took, [laughs] my
    husband’s on the corner,

    he’s waiting for me to go to the car.

    So, I was gonna go to
    Duane Reade, but anyway.

    So anyways, once you do
    something with people.

    You share their world, they
    feel like they know you, right?

    They feel like they know you.

    So, what it does is it increases

    the know, like and trust factor.

    Look, there’s a poodle.

    I can’t pick you up, hold on.

    There’s the poodle.

    There’s the poodle, right?

    There’s the husband,
    husband where are you?

    There’s the husband looking the other way.

    Husband, iced tea.

    So we go to the parking lot?

    So anyway, so what happens is you increase

    the know, like and trust factor

    and then when you’re selling,

    you’re not actually selling or promoting,

    you’re helping and you’re
    sharing information

    that they’re interested in learning

    because now they trust you.

    They’ve been with you for the day.

    They’ve seen what you’re up to

    and it just makes it for a
    much easier, easier process.

    And it’s just, it’s more
    what’s happening now

    then just coming in there

    and being like stiff selling all the time.

    “Hey buy my stuff, buy my stuff!”

    It’s like who gives a crap, right?

    Nobody wants to listen to you,

    but once they start following you

    and they’re interested in you

    and they see what you’re
    doing, they’re far more,

    hey, you know that place?

    I love that, it’s my favorite salt cake.

    I go there all the time.

    So once they start following you

    and see what you’re doing,

    they’re more interested
    in you and they trust you

    ’cause they see what you’re all about.

    So try that and you know,
    and the same thing goes

    for your photographs.

    When you’re doing your
    photos, just be real.

    Somebody was saying in something,
    a group I was listening

    to the other day, a Facebook group

    or reading group I should say,

    they were like, “Hey did you
    find out when you’re older

    “it’s just not that easy to do a selfie?”

    And the answer is,

    “Well, when you don’t know
    how to position yourself,

    “when you don’t know
    how to set yourself up,

    “when you don’t know how
    to really create the angles

    “and set yourself up in a real
    way that is flattering to you

    “and shows who you are, and
    how you want to be seen, yeah!”

    But if you know how to put
    all that stuff together,

    your tribe wants the real you.

    Your tribe wants to be
    able to get to know you,

    so it shouldn’t be more
    difficult as you get older.

    Because you should know
    how to set yourself up

    for who you are at this point in time,

    at every point of time in your life.

    ‘Cause we have bad
    days, we have good days,

    we’re just people and the
    people you’re talking to

    and relating to, they’re just people too.

    So, they want to know more of that.

    So go over to,

    the five-day challenge and I’ll set you up

    on how to be real, how to
    attract your best audience,

    and how to be at magnetic to
    your most profitable audience.

    Because your most profitable
    audience is the one

    that knows you, likes you
    and trusts you, right?

    So, that’s it.

    I’m gonna go have my oops as
    it’s dripping on my white coat.

    I’m gonna have some of my iced tea

    and I’ll see you guys later, okay?

    Let me know in the comments
    how real you like to get

    on social media.

    I’m telling you, it’s the boost.

    [kisses air] Bye.

    Authentic superstar, see you


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