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  • How Branding Is Like Your Favorite Old Boots [Video]

    bad mamajama-2

    Are you a shoe lover too? Stay with me and you’ll see how old boots are a lot like your business.

    Did you ever have a favorite pair that you loved so much but you knew it was time to put rest?

    Check out my bad mamajama high heel western boots that I rocked while pushing my son’s stroller- about 19 OMG years ago.

    In Europe, the style is peeking its way back on trend so I decided to dig them out of the closet and rock them a different way today.

    Style is cyclical.

    Pretty much: something becomes “the” thing, it gets overdone so it fades away until, in due time, comes back in a similar tweaked way that appears fresh to your eyes.

    Same goes for business trends, branding trends, marketing trends, photo trends, you name it.

    We are not at a point where faked lifestyle shoots are resonating anymore- simply because people know they’re fake.

    What’s working now is being authentic.

    Letting people see the real you without having to put up a facade.

    But you do need to understand messaging, positioning, and how to set yourself.

    It’s actually a fun process but more important, it makes you magnetic to those you want to attract and repel those who aren’t your kind of people.

    Go to now. I’ll show you how in my free 5-day program.

    I waived the $497 program price for a limited tome because it’s the foundation you need to not get lost in today’s crowded market.

    See you at

    Video Transcription

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    Hello, for another episode of Car Talk.

    We got Mr. Poodle, fresh
    from his bath today.

    We’re sittin’ over here,
    can you see where we are?

    I’ll show ya.

    We’re in, oops, we’re in NoHo,

    waitin’ for my husband to come back.

    So anyway, in this little
    episode of Car Talk,

    I wanna sorta talk to you
    about being a bad mamajama.

    A bad mamajama, and part of that is

    knowing when to hold on,
    knowing when to let go,

    knowing when, maybe if
    it doesn’t feel right,

    it will another day, but not being stuck.

    That’s really what it’s boiling down to,

    not being stuck.

    Came on today because I
    found my bad mamajama boots.

    Can you see them?

    These bad mamajama boots …

    Anyway, can you get them?

    I’m like in, I’ll put a picture up later.

    So, way back when my little sputcake,

    as we called him back
    then, was a little toddler,

    I wanna say about maybe a
    year and a half, going on two,

    because the Towers fell
    when he was about two,

    and I clearly remember going
    to the World Trade Center

    wearing these bad mamajama
    high-heeled cowboy boots.

    And I used to go with my friend Liz,

    and she had the same pair in black,

    and we just, you know, we were the mamas

    that pushed the boys in the strollers,

    and we had our heels
    on, our cowboy heels on,

    a little bit rock ‘n’ roll,

    Liz was definitely a rock ‘n’ roller.

    And a little fun, and a little funky,

    and I loved them until,

    one day those boots
    kinda went outta style,

    and I got sick of them, and
    I went to my other 900 pairs.

    But I never threw them out,
    because I always liked them.

    Even though I once had a styling assistant

    who would go through my
    closet and just randomly

    throw out stuff because
    he said it was just,

    I didn’t need it anymore.

    But I would never let him throw
    out anything that was good,

    or anything that a sentimental memory.

    And these boots clearly
    had a sentimental memory.

    So what’s happening
    right now is in Europe,

    that pointy-toed boot is back in style,

    that, like, oh, late
    90s, kinda early 2000,

    extended toe and western boots.

    And I’m like, hmm, bet I really dig out,

    I bet I have those, and I did,

    I found them in the back of my closet.

    And I decided to wear ’em today because

    they feel good again, they feel right.

    They feel like they’re in style.

    And that’s something I
    want you to keep in mind

    when it comes to your
    business and your brand,

    and how you do things.

    There’s things that, at the time

    that you maybe first discover them,

    that you totally felt like
    a bad mamajama doin’ it.

    You felt, you are rockin’ it,

    you are being boss times 10,

    not 10x, I don’t really
    like that expression.

    But you were just off the
    charts, giving it your best,

    letting your freak flag fly,

    and doing what felt right
    to you and you loved it.

    And it worked, just
    like these boots worked

    for a certain amount of time.

    And then, they stop working for you.

    They get dated, they get just
    inefficient, not effective.

    They’re not something that
    works for you anymore.

    So you have to put it away.

    That doesn’t mean you have
    to put it away for good,

    but it means that, for that point in time,

    continuing to use that
    tactic, wear that boot,

    would make you look irrelevant.

    And then all of a sudden the tables turn,

    because, you know, we
    work in an ebb and flow,

    and cycle, and branding,
    the zeitgeist, pop culture.

    It all goes up and back
    and around in a circle.

    So what worked once before

    will eventually work again,
    with a little tweak to it.

    Like the boots, right?

    So, you can’t hold on to the same thing

    that once served you and served you well,

    because it won’t serve
    you for another 20 years.

    It really won’t.

    You’re gonna need to
    be able to be flexible.

    You’re gonna be able to know how to move.

    You’re gonna need to know
    how to be agile and nimble

    to keeping up with the
    trends of what’s going on.

    And right now, right now,
    the trends that are happening

    are the keeping up with
    things that are real.

    Keeping up with things that are authentic.

    Authenticity is the name of the game.

    So if you’re seeing people
    doing these really fake

    branding shoots, they are
    not really working anymore.

    That’s not what’s happening now.

    It might be what was happening
    a couple of years ago,

    but maybe not right now.

    Now that doesn’t mean you have
    to get rid of a photographer.

    You know, I was a stylist
    on big brand shoots

    and magazine covers and
    advertisements for 15 years.

    I’m all for really good photography.

    But there’s a lotta crappy
    photography out there

    when it comes to being an entrepreneur,

    and it doesn’t serve you.

    It’s just like wearing a
    cheap pair of shoes, you know?

    It’s like the copy of the
    good one, but they’re,

    just get something
    different that’s your own.

    Don’t get the copy of the copy, you know?

    It doesn’t really work.

    So what’s working now is
    being real, being authentic.

    I actually heard Mama Kardashian,

    why am I blanking out on her name?

    I’m blanking out on
    Mama Kardashian’s name!

    On TV before, saying
    when the show started,

    that she told the girls,

    “You gotta keep it real,
    and you gotta keep it raw.”

    And that show has been
    on forever right now.

    But it’s the same thing with your photos,

    you gotta keep it real,
    you gotta keep it raw,

    but you need to understand
    how to position yourself,

    how to be seen, and how
    to set yourself up so that

    you are perceived in the
    most real and authentic way,

    the way you want people
    to perceive you, right?

    So, you know, I could be sitting here

    wearing my, you know, 20
    year old cowboy boots,

    and wearing an old-fashioned t-shirt

    and old-fashioned hair,

    and kinda sittin’ in
    a dumpy frumpy office,

    and you wouldn’t necessarily
    think it was cool, right?

    But if I’m wearing my old cowboy boots,

    sittin’ on the poodle’s lap,

    and even though my hair is
    growing out and it’s weird,

    but I am wearing kind
    of a funky, fringy coat,

    and I’ve got, you know, a top with layers,

    and some more little
    beads and doodads on me,

    I kinda look cooler right now,

    so you therefore assume
    that the boots are cooler,

    ’cause I’m setting you up for that

    with everything else that I’m doing.

    So, you know what, you
    can’t take one thing

    and put it in a crappy background,

    like if you’re sitting
    there and you’re wearing

    the most gorgeous clothes in the world

    and you’re the most
    authoritative person in the world

    but you look dated and
    you’re sluggin’ back a beer

    on an old camel, like
    Roseanne Barr kind of couch,

    people are gonna assume you’re
    really downmarket, right?

    But if you’re doing the same thing

    but you’re in a cooler atmosphere,

    people are gonna think you’re cool.

    So just think about then
    when you put things together,

    when you’re being real, how
    you’re positioning yourself.

    So, hubs is back, we got
    some French pastries,

    and below I have some really
    fancy Italian chocolates,

    it’s my mother-in-law’s 92nd birthday,

    we’re going out there, and that’s it.

    I just wanted to come in.

    And if you wanna know how to
    position yourself to be real

    for who you are exactly today,

    and how to be able to be
    magnetic to your best audience,

    go over to,

    and I’ll set you up over there.

    Just comin’ in now ’cause
    it’s fun and, you know,

    wearin’ my bad mamajama boots.

    [blows kiss]
    See you guys there, bye.


    Get never old, finish,

    ’cause I always have it in the wrong hand.



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