How Branding Is Like Your Favorite Old Boots [Video]

Are you a shoe lover too? Stay with me and you’ll see how old boots are a lot like your business.

Did you ever have a favorite pair that you loved so much but you knew it was time to put rest?

Check out my bad mamajama high heel western boots that I rocked while pushing my son’s stroller- about 19 OMG years ago.

In Europe, the style is peeking its way back on trend so I decided to dig them out of the closet and rock them a different way today.

Style is cyclical.

Pretty much: something becomes “the” thing, it gets overdone so it fades away until, in due time, comes back in a similar tweaked way that appears fresh to your eyes.

Same goes for business trends, branding trends, marketing trends, photo trends, you name it.

What’s working now is being authentic.

Letting people see the real you without having to put up a facade.

But you do need to understand messaging, positioning, and how to set yourself.

It’s actually a fun process but more important, it makes you magnetic to those you want to attract and repel those who aren’t your kind of people.

Go to now. I’ll show you how in my free 5-day program.

I waived the $497 program price for a limited tome because it’s the foundation you need to not get lost in today’s crowded market.

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