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  • The Most Annoying Fashion and Beauty Masquerades of 2011

    Kim Kardashian hawking her fragrance in Las Vegas

    Or, veiled attempts by real women to impersonate drag queens!

    I continue to find it mind-boggling that a woman feels that to look attractive she must wear embalming makeup, mink armpit hair length false eyelashes, Tressy extensions, an orange tan, and have her boobies pushed up to her enhanced cushion lips. The heightened glam caricatures that female impersonators do best is campiness for theatricality; not for a real life way to dress to go to the mall to buy more and more and more. When you want to see some screaming good drag, leave it to the boys.

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    This media-perpetuated, bizarre idea of looking crass has come to a head in 2011. I would like to think that looking over-the-top will morph into looking effortless, chic, and enlightened in the new year… that’s what real style is all about!

    Please celebrate your own individual uniqueness and don’t drown yourself in an over-abuse of product… you’ll end up looking the same.

    The Most Annoying of 2011

    Stylists in Tranny Heels – Without mentioning names, but continuing to perpetuate the DQ theme. I have no problem with a good drag queen- some of my gay friends have looked marvelous. But I am tired of real girls looking like second-rate drag queens and starting fashion hysteria, particularly when their game is supposed to be fashion. Look, if you’re not tucking, lay low on the stage makeup and glamooooooore.

    KKK&K- Kim, Kloe, Kourtney and oh that having a facelift on camera, Kris. It’s not that the first time I heard the name Kardashian, it was part of the O.J defense team. It’s not that the family rise to fame (infamy?) was from Kim’s sex tape leak. It’s that some people, somewhere think that being a publicity whore is a role model and that they are making beau coup bucks on being sleazy. Oops, or just being themselves?  Kris is by far a marketing genius, how else could she get endorsement after endorsement deal from her kids looking like  70′ s porn stars? Kim even told HollywoodLife that,”My philosophy is drag queen me up!”

    It oddly makes me want Kris on my marketing team, but the rest of the klan? Oy. Is there a Kardashian tampon in the future? And, yes a 72-day “marriage” is preposterous. Please spin the sleaze out of your kollective image and, hopefully, your fans will follow.

    Lady GaGa– I’m with Tim Gunn on this, “She doesn’t wear clothes, she wears costumes, Gunn told HollywoodLife  Appreciate the shock factor or beauty of her costumes for the stage. If you want to see fantastic costumes, buy a ticket. If you want to see fashion, look at those on the street. Only her Gaganess wears costumes during the day, and that trick is getting pretty tired.

    Pippa’s butt – Yes, holding the royal train was a rear shot dream come true. Do you think that Pippa Middleton didn’t know that? She shimmied up those stairs and became tabloid fodder. Butt searching for Pippa at press time pulls up 1,560,000 Google results! Enough.

    Snooki– It’s almost impossible to believe that Snooki is still newsworthy. Looking tacky obviously has marketing legs, and it would be lovely if we would see less of hers. I’m glad the Guidette (yes, that’s a common phrase in Brooklyn, so nothing new here) has managed to lose weight, remain orange and turn herself into a pint-sized business woman with her Team Snooki boxing venture. But again, why are we rewarding sleaziness with fame?

    As a style resolution for 2012, let’s put an end to honoring copycat clone ridiculousness and celebrate class over crass. Happy New Year!

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