The Secret To Finding Brand Inspiration [Video]

be visually inspiring

Elevate Your Personal Brand For Photos and Videos With Visual Storytelling Inspiration…

Today’s beautiful setting is perfect to talk to you about brand inspiration for photos and videos. Your visual story can dramatically change from simply where you are and how you position yourself.

Inspiration for photos and videos can become overwhelming when you don’t know where to start.

But here’s the thing:

You need your own secret sauce, your own special something, to not be a commodity in today’s very crowded marketplace.

This is your reality show.

I have a super effective hack that I not only do for myself but use with clients and students. It is based on exactly what we did when I was a stylist on big photo shots and the art director needed to convey the visual storytelling and set up the shot. 

Watch this video to kickstart your brand inspiration:

What kinda inspiration do you need?

You need aligned sets, settings and backdrops for your videos, for your head-shots, and your photos.

The photos or cover images that setup your videos are the first things peoples see- and where in 1/10 of a second they label the type of person they think you are.

These are the same images you could use in a variety of places, such as book covers (as I did), the photos you can use for your speaking one sheet, the photos you can use for your website, for your memes, for the featured blog post image, all the different social channels, you name it.

Strike A Natural Pose…

So what do you do when you don’t know how to pose, how do you position yourself, how to hold your hands, what do you wear, where do you stand, where do you sit, what do you do. What angle, what light, what the time of day? Get your inspiration from the visuals you collect.

There are so many setting situations that tell a different story: Is it an environmental shot, is it an at home shot, is it a studio shot? Collect all the images that you find attractive and be aware of the shot layout and composition as well.

Use Pinterest to to not only store your inspiration but be a visual source for new ideas.

Deeper Dive…

If you want a deeper dive on how to to position yourself to attract your most profitable audience by simply being the best at being you, I invite you to join me .

My five-day mini course will will set you up for photo success- hurry up, it’s complimentary now! Learn more here.

Video Transcription

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00:00:01:14 00:00:02:19
Hello, hello, hello.

00:00:02:19 00:00:04:17
Hello hello hello, my friends.

00:00:04:17 00:00:07:16
I am coming in from this beautiful,

00:00:07:16 00:00:11:18
incredibly inspiring location.

00:00:11:18 00:00:15:09
And I thought that this
would be the perfect time

00:00:15:09 00:00:20:07
to talk to you about inspiration.

00:00:20:07 00:00:23:00
What to do when you don’t have any.

00:00:23:00 00:00:25:13
When you feel like you’re hittin’ a wall.

00:00:25:13 00:00:26:23
You can’t figure out, you’re like,

00:00:26:23 00:00:28:08
I know I saw that somewhere,

00:00:28:08 00:00:31:10
I kinda wanna do that, what do I do?

00:00:31:10 00:00:32:22
So when you’re setting yourself up

00:00:32:22 00:00:37:05
to be doing head shots and
videos and social images

00:00:37:05 00:00:40:04
and you just can’t quite
get yourself together,

00:00:40:04 00:00:42:13
what I do is what I teach my students

00:00:42:13 00:00:44:09

00:00:44:09 00:00:46:00
where I invite you to go right now.

00:00:46:00 00:00:48:18
It’s my free five-day online challenge.

00:00:48:18 00:00:50:16
Is to really start setting up

00:00:50:16 00:00:52:20
inspiration boards for yourself.

00:00:52:20 00:00:54:16
It’s a little different
than what you might think.

00:00:54:16 00:00:56:13
I’ll tell you in a second, but first,

00:00:56:13 00:00:58:17
for those of you who are new to me.

00:00:58:17 00:01:01:16
I am Sharon Haver of

00:01:01:16 00:01:04:09
and I help fellow savvy, talented,

00:01:04:09 00:01:07:21
smart, brainiac entrepreneurs who realize

00:01:07:21 00:01:10:11
that their expertise is not always enough

00:01:10:11 00:01:15:01
to stand out in a very,
very, super crowded market.

00:01:15:01 00:01:17:13
You need a little bit of zhoosh.

00:01:17:13 00:01:19:14
You need your own secret sauce,

00:01:19:14 00:01:22:23
your own special something,
to really not be a commodity

00:01:22:23 00:01:25:07
in today’s very crowded marketplace.

00:01:25:07 00:01:29:12
This is your reality
show, so let it go, right?

00:01:29:12 00:01:34:05
So inspiration, what kinda
inspiration do you need?

00:01:34:05 00:01:35:21
Well, when you’re trying to figure out

00:01:35:21 00:01:38:22
what to kinda do for your
backdrops, for your videos,

00:01:38:22 00:01:40:24
for your head-shots, your photos.

00:01:40:24 00:01:43:20
The photos you set your
video up with are the first

00:01:43:20 00:01:44:24
things peoples see.

00:01:44:24 00:01:47:03
The photos you could use for book covers,

00:01:47:03 00:01:50:01
the photos you can use for
your speaking one sheet.

00:01:50:01 00:01:54:10
The photos you can use for
your website, for you means,

00:01:54:10 00:01:56:18
for the featured blog post that you have.

00:01:56:18 00:01:58:12
They’re different from
the ones from LinkedIn

00:01:58:12 00:02:00:17
to the different to Instagram or Facebook.

00:02:00:17 00:02:02:24
Like you would never really
put like the really fugly

00:02:02:24 00:02:05:25
photo on Instagram, but you
could probably out it on

00:02:05:25 00:02:07:23
Facebook and let it go real too.

00:02:07:23 00:02:10:18
So what do you do when you
don’t know like how to pose,

00:02:10:18 00:02:13:09
how do you position
yourself, what do you wear,

00:02:13:09 00:02:16:04
where do you stand, where
do you sit, what do you do.

00:02:16:04 00:02:19:04
What angle, what light,
what the time of day is

00:02:19:04 00:02:21:17
it an environmental shot,
is it an at home shot,

00:02:21:17 00:02:23:01
is it a studio shot?

00:02:23:01 00:02:26:17
You’re so confused on what
to do like simply like

00:02:26:17 00:02:28:08
how do I hold my hands right?

00:02:28:08 00:02:30:22
Do I hold my hands like
pretty hands like that?

00:02:30:22 00:02:32:06
Do I lean them like that?

00:02:32:06 00:02:33:16
What do you do for a good shot?

00:02:33:16 00:02:36:05
Well what I tell my
clients, my students is

00:02:36:05 00:02:38:24
to use Pinterest as your friend.

00:02:38:24 00:02:41:15
Go to Pinterest if you’re
not familiar with it.

00:02:41:15 00:02:45:08
It’s an online visual board,

00:02:45:08 00:02:47:12
social media kind of site.

00:02:47:12 00:02:50:03
And create your own account
you can keep it private

00:02:50:03 00:02:52:14
so no one else knows
what’s in there but you.

00:02:52:14 00:02:57:12
And divide it up into
different kind of boards

00:02:57:12 00:03:01:05
of what you need let’s say
like environmental head shots,

00:03:01:05 00:03:06:02
or studio head shots, or on the
go videos, or slice of life,

00:03:06:02 00:03:07:11
or whatever it is.

00:03:07:11 00:03:11:17
Book covers, speaking one sheet photos,

00:03:11:17 00:03:13:12
the main photo for your website.

00:03:13:12 00:03:17:02
Whatever you need at that time.

00:03:17:02 00:03:20:03
Then starting going and looking around

00:03:20:03 00:03:23:11
the Internet and clipping
other kinds of photos

00:03:23:11 00:03:25:03
that are similar that you like.

00:03:25:03 00:03:27:03
Now I’m not telling you to copy it

00:03:27:03 00:03:30:01
I’m telling you to model it,
and use it as inspiration.

00:03:30:01 00:03:33:24
It is total what everyone did
on photo shoots for 15 years

00:03:33:24 00:03:37:07
we had mood boards, we’d go
in and kind of take a photo

00:03:37:07 00:03:38:12
from this and a photo from that.

00:03:38:12 00:03:41:07
It does not have to be
in what you’re doing

00:03:41:07 00:03:45:01
it could be a photo
from a fashion magazine,

00:03:45:01 00:03:46:13
and you’re a business coach.

00:03:46:13 00:03:49:21
It’s just the mood it’s the
essence, it’s the position

00:03:49:21 00:03:53:04
of what you want as inspiration.

00:03:53:04 00:03:56:09
I also highly recommend that
when you’re doing photos

00:03:56:09 00:03:58:06
you also think of it’s placement

00:03:58:06 00:04:00:17
because is it going to
be a vertical photo,

00:04:00:17 00:04:02:10
is it gonna be a square photo.

00:04:02:10 00:04:05:04
Is it gonna be something
that’s on top of a blog post

00:04:05:04 00:04:06:17
and competes with other graphics,

00:04:06:17 00:04:09:06
and other photos of you on the post.

00:04:09:06 00:04:11:03
Or is it stand alone on a white page

00:04:11:03 00:04:13:02
and you want it to be
a little softer then.

00:04:13:02 00:04:15:20
So once you divide these boards up into

00:04:15:20 00:04:19:05
the size of the photo you need, the shape.

00:04:19:05 00:04:22:22
Is it long do you need a
little wingspan on the sides,

00:04:22:22 00:04:24:14
you could put copying content.

00:04:24:14 00:04:27:11
Or do you need it really
tight and really simple.

00:04:27:11 00:04:29:24
And then from that when
you get to this point

00:04:29:24 00:04:33:02
where you’re totally blank,
and you don’t know what to do.

00:04:33:02 00:04:36:19
You pop back to Pinterest
and you scan through it

00:04:36:19 00:04:38:10
and get tons of inspiration.

00:04:38:10 00:04:40:18
I mean even if it’s the
cover of a magazine,

00:04:40:18 00:04:43:16
I love like the covers of
Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue.

00:04:43:16 00:04:46:05
And InStyle for the
positioning of you know,

00:04:46:05 00:04:49:04
how is the actress or the models hands.

00:04:49:04 00:04:50:17
Where are they, are they across her chest,

00:04:50:17 00:04:51:19
are they behind her.

00:04:51:19 00:04:54:15
And you can then get that
and do it on your own

00:04:54:15 00:04:57:16
as just your jump start
to learning how to do it,

00:04:57:16 00:04:59:10
and it’s cool right.

00:04:59:10 00:05:02:02
So if you want something
that’s really super cool,

00:05:02:02 00:05:05:19
I want you to go over to,

00:05:05:19 00:05:08:16
join me in my five day challenge,
and I will see you there.

00:05:08:16 00:05:10:11
I will teach everything
you need to get going

00:05:10:11 00:05:12:15
in five days, just a few minutes a day,

00:05:12:15 00:05:14:00
it’s like five minutes a day.

00:05:14:00 00:05:18:02
And I promise you, you will
become an authentic superstar.

00:05:18:02 00:05:20:04
[mwah] See you guys soon, bye-bye.

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