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  • Entrepreneurs: How To Beat Business Travel Burnout [Video]

    Beat The Burnout...

    Tired Of Traveling To Grow Your Brand?  You Gotta Beat Burnout So You Can  Reenergize Yourself To Get More Out Of  Business Trips…

    So Many Opportunities, Only So Much Time! No Wonder You Have Business Travel Burnout.

    As a forward thinking solopreneur or entrepreneur, there are a myriad of conferences, masterminds, speaking engagements, and events to attend that the benefits can be lost from the sheer exhaustion of it all.

    Most of the time, you end up traveling to places  you don’t actually want to go to (can I get a hell yeah?!)

    I put a kibosh on that and frankly haven’t turned back.

    Now when I do travel, and it was a lot this month, I may be pooped from the plane but energized from the destination.

    Watch to learn more on how I get fired up and not fried (as much)…

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    Video Transcription

    click to read full transcription

    Hello, hello, hello.

    I thought I’d come in real fast.

    So we’re gonna walk to the corner.

    I thought I would come in.

    I did another live earlier on Instagram

    which I actually reposted over here.

    But it’s about having a business,

    going on business trips,

    finding business coaches,
    workshops, retreats.

    Whatever it is and actually going

    to places you wanna go.

    Because what happens more often,

    oh Mr. Poodle, let me show you this.

    Now see over there, my
    husband and Mr. Poodle.

    Somebody missed his mother.

    I’m coming, Beau, he will not walk.

    But anyway, it’s kind of about

    when you travel for business

    and you’re in groups and retreats

    even though we’re all
    in a global business,

    once you’re online you’re
    totally in a global business.

    I’m here, I’m here baby man, I’m here.

    Now he’s happy, right?

    And you’re in a global business

    but what happens is as you travel

    you wanna go to places
    and retreats and workshops

    in places you actually want to go to

    for a few reasons.

    One, it energizes you.

    Who wants to get all chewed up

    and go on an airplane to get to some place

    you just don’t want to
    go to when you’re like

    uck I just can’t believe I have to be in

    fill in the blank, put
    in a few blanks in there.

    And the other thing is travel
    is expensive, it’s taxing.

    It’s not only expensive in what it costs

    because you can figure
    out a way of traveling

    using your miles and
    points and booking ahead

    but it’s expensive in being
    aways from your business

    and just really chewin’ up your body

    back and forth on a plane a lot.

    It’s just it’s not easy, like
    hats off to flight attendants.

    And the other thing which I
    think is the important thing

    to keep in mind is that
    when you’re traveling

    for business and workshops
    although it might be totally fine

    to find yourself a business
    coach or someone in,

    anywhere who offers what you need,

    I’m losing my coffee cup,

    but what happens is
    that the people involved

    more times than not with a
    different outlook than you have,

    a different sense of where they wanna go

    it’s much more of a
    regional type of thing.

    So you’re much better off
    putting yourself in a position

    with people with similar work
    values, similar interests.

    You know right now I’m in New York.

    You hear the cars honking behind me.

    You hear all this and somebody who’s like

    I can’t stand New York,
    oh my God, it’s too noisy,

    how can you live there, well if I had,

    they probably wouldn’t
    have exactly the same

    work values as me, wanting
    to brand the same way,

    wanting to do things in the same way,

    comes from a different spot than someone

    who is, let’s say just happy
    to be in their small town

    or on their farm.

    Now granted there are people
    who like to be in a small town

    and like to be on a farm, I do sometimes.

    I mean I have a house in a very small town

    in the middle of Wyoming.

    But what happens is is
    that it takes away from

    who you’re gonna meet and it makes it

    that much more difficult to network

    and make friends where you don’t
    always have to be the same.

    But like does breed like.

    So especially when you’re in your business

    and you’re out there and
    you’re on social media

    which I think is right
    now is the place to be.

    It’s just to be able to get
    out there in your business

    without being as chewed up
    from travel as I am right now.

    Without going through
    the emotional strains

    and twitchin’ your back out from

    running to the airport and back and forth

    and all that stuff.

    That you can do it from wherever you are

    and because of being the best at being you

    at that particular moment
    you can connect with

    your most ideal audience,
    your most profitable audience.

    And I think that’s super
    cool just learning how to

    you know position yourself
    in today’s market,

    in today’s day and age.

    Positioning is absolutely
    the new currency.

    It’s how to attract who
    you want to attract.

    That’s kind of about it.

    So I got, promised you until the corner

    and I’m crossing the street.

    So that’s it.

    I just wanted to sign, come
    in, say hi to you guys,

    see what’s up.

    And don’t forget to join me

    It’s my five day challenge
    is starting really soon

    where I will show you
    how to show up in photos

    so you can position yourself for success.

    That’s about it.

    I’m gonna go into this really
    cool new furniture store here.

    You wanna see something weird,

    they’re actually opening an Hermes.

    You see behind me over there.

    Uh, I’m taking you the wrong way, hold on.

    See that orange.

    That’s gonna be an Hermes,
    they’re opening an Hermes

    in the meat-packing district.

    Kind of interesting.

    Anyway, that’s it guys,
    toodaloo, chin-chin,

    see you soon over at
    Authentic Superstar, bye bye.


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