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  • The top 3 SEO TIPS for beginners…

    seo tips

    Beginner tips to better SEO…

    If your just starting out, or not really well versed in SEO, I have a few pointers that can really make a difference and help get your name noticed on the web.

    Incase you haven’t heard the term before, SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is what helps you be seen online. Your level of SEO impacts google search and, ultimately, traffic to your website.

    So here are a few basic rules to follow if you are reworking your SEO strategy:

    RULE 1: Do NOT ATTEMPT to purchase any skeevy link back promises or services from a so called “expert” to get you a top ranking SEO standing… When google realizes that something is not right, you will pay the price.

    RULE 2: Make sure every post, page, etc. that you put online has as KEYWORD associated with it. Make sure to use this same keyword in the actual text of your content to help make a stronger SEO connection, this will help google see that your content relevant and important. Also, If you have photos accompanying your content, make sure to include your keywords as meta tags on the photo when you upload your image.

    RULE 3: If you are being mentioned on other people’s sites, make sure to have your link present so that it can point back to your page. This is even more effective when you have links on bigger, more established websites. This technique builds up your “link’s juice” and compounds the SEO to your benefit!

    This is only the beginning when it comes to SEO strategy, a quick google search will show you even more amazing techniques and tricks to help boost your web presence.

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