In case you asked… XYZ things you didn’t know about me

I’ve been interviewed a bunch lately and keep getting asked more personal questions about myself and my backstory (we all have one).  

So, I got to thinking that it was time to share a few more quirky things & pull the curtain back a little further beyond my usual stylist advice right here on FocusOnStyle in its 15th anniversary year online.

Consider this my confidential version of Trivial Pursuit brimming with incidentals that you may not have known (in case you were curious), like a favorite photo, at the top, from one of my many trips to Italy years ago.

You may already glean a boatload if you follow FocusOnStyle. Certainly, you have a fairly good hint that I’m addicted to content with my thousands of fashion, beauty & style posts. But I’ve been getting asked more personal questions (I’m usually not big on oversharing) beyond my professional credentials, and even how I started out in business

Here goes it… maybe a little more than you want to know, not enough for others, and kinda like an accident that you can’t take your eyes away from kind of information about moi.

There’s no particular order. Or a particular amount. More like my Joycean stream of consciousness.  Oh, yes, and the amount is XYZ because who can predict what I may want to add in the future?

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XYZ things (you probably didn’t know) about me (that aren’t really about fashion):

  1. I’m big on ones: one husband, one kid, one poodle at a time. I’m an only child.
  2. When I know I’m right, I have one focus.
  3. My BS meter is set to zero.
  4. I prefer to be perfectly imperfect .
  5. I use four letter words. I’m from Brooklyn.
  6. I have a vacation place in Wyoming with visiting moose.
  7. I tell it like it is.
  8. I think cowboys are a lot like New Yorker’s because they too tell it like it is.
  9. I love renovation, collecting, and interior styling
  10. I live in a full floor loft in Manhattan that was a full gut renovation
  11. My husband and I do all our renovation projects.
  12. I have a thing for sculptural furniture, even in my office.
  13. I wish I could have as many interesting chairs as shoes.
  14. My favorite color is red, followed by fiery orange
  15. My favorite color to wear is black. (It’s chic & I’m a New Yorker )
  16. I hate when grownups wear juvenile pastels or kiddy anything.
  17. I learned everything about spotting quality from checking out the seaming on the chaotic clothing racks of Loehmann’s as a kid.
  18. My friend Richard once accused me of jumping a highway divider for a bargain- good analogy!
  19. He also called my butt Cinema One and Cinema Two. Yes, I have a bubble butt no matter how thin (or not) I am.
  20. My weight fluctuates & my metabolism has a mind of its own.
  21. I don’t eat junk food unless there is absolutely no other option.
  22. I love green vegetables & perfect tomatoes.
  23. I started using anti-wrinkle creams at 16.
    I can't seem to wear contacts & love big frames.
    I can’t seem to wear contacts & love big frames.
  24. I don’t sun bathe.
  25. Growing up, I would aspire to looking great at 40 rather than 20, because anyone can do that… it’s called youth.
  26. Dangling earrings make me dizzy.
  27. I hate loose ends and easily get distracted to finish as many things as possible at a time. #multitasker
  28. I get annoyed when people can’t deliver what they promise, on deadline.
  29. If I procrastinate it’s usually because my gut tells me to hold off.
  30. I believe that things work out for a purpose and there’s a lesson to be learned from everything.
  31. I get really annoyed when people act as an authority & don’t know squat.
  32. You really can’t fake until you make it unless you enjoy getting busted.
  33. You can put yourself in the mind sense to thrive.
  34. Manipulative people are a waste of time.
  35. Pretentious people are boring.
  36. I’m a downtown girl.
  37. I never paid to get into a club (at least that I can remember).
  38. I prefer the cool kids (even if they’re over 80) to posers.
  39. I prefer small groups to crowds.
  40. I get claustrophobic in crowded clubs and mentally note where the exits are.
  41. I think I’m Steve Rubell when having a house party and try to invite the most complimentary mix of people.
  42. Absolutely Fabulous & I Love Lucy are my consistently favorite TV shows.
  43. I prefer talk shows to reality shows.
  44. CNN or HGTV are usually playing in the background.
  45. I can’t understand why people get caught up on paint colors on House Hunters.
  46. If I had to have a consistent favorite movie, it would be Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  47. I religiously watched Soul Train every Saturday morning.
  48. I went to my first disco at 15 1/2 (shhhh… don’t tell my son).
    I visited the same palazzo as in my favorite picture above with my family... this time my makeup was washed off by a  torrential rainstorm.
    I visited the same palazzo as in my favorite picture above with my family… this time my makeup was washed off by a torrential rainstorm.
  49. I used to go to Rome and Florence a lot .
  50. I wish I could have lived in Rome during its via Veneto hey day.
  51. I missed the chance to go on Frederico Fellini’s private yacht party in Italy because I couldn’t change my airline ticket.
  52. I don’t have pierced ears.
  53. I never had a cavity.
  54. I rarely leave the house without under eye concealer for fear of scaring young children with my dark circles.
  55. My degree is in Business with a major in Marketing.
  56. I did freelance pr for punk rockers.
  57. My first freelance pr job was for manhole cover epoxy.
  58. I will never give up coffee.

Tell me a few interesting things about YOU, in the comments below.

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