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  • Flexibility & Time Management Tips: How To Go To The Beach On A Work Day and Not Be A Slacker

    Discover the flex time to do what you love (when you want to do it)

    How I can go to the beach on a work day and still get work done… it’s the secret sauce to time management.

    It’s a manic work day but my husband and I are headed right to the beach! Curious why?

    He works on Saturday and he has Monday off — he’s a doctor and you know how it is. So to compensate for our couple time, I have developed his kind of hours so we can spend time together on Mondays (or any work day for that matter).

    Watch my Live Video on the way to the beach:

    Now what that means is, I don’t necessarily shut everything down and make it a

    completely non-negotiable day that I don’t work, but what I do is:

    • I never schedule meetings on a Monday ever
    • I use it as a day to catch up on pending items on my computer
    • House business: something as simple as paying bills or dealing with contractors or renovation
    • Paperwork that has to get done
    • Do household chores such as clean out closets and rearrange shelves
    • Catch up on new hires and look at some on boarding work for them; or
    • Go through what I wanna accomplish for that week as far as content goes to get ideas

    You see, with the right time management, these simple things that I can multitask or do while spending time with him — things that I can do even while in a car on our way to the beach. It may seem counterintuitive, but giving yourself some freedom in your busy schedule is a great way to get more done.  

    Another thing that I wanna point out is that we’re doing weekly accountability docs for my team and to work with my business coach (yes, I have one too). It’s been really great to see what was done the week before, what still needs to be completed that wasn’t done and why. It absolutely helps us stay on top of goals and figure out where (or if)  we dropped the ball last week and where to pick it up.

    My staying accountable, you can have more time to loosen the noose of your business so to speak, to give yourself more freedom that will actually refresh your mind and come up with more brilliant ideas!

    So, if you wanna know how to have more time off, how to really get a little more productive in your schedule and how to have a calendar that is perfect enough so that you have a life that works for you and your business — let me know, we’ll see if the team can help you get a flexible schedule so you can enjoy your life as an entrepreneur…

    And you can be the best at being you and have the time and energy to show up in your MOST AUTHENTIC SELF, without burnout and without overwhelm.

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