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  • Stylist Advice- Too Big Swing Dress Redo

    swing dress redo

    I’m trying something new by adding my styling tips to a photo provided by you, the reader. If you like this new dress redo feature, please tell be in the comments below.

    q Dear Sharon: Many of my friends and I have been having problems making our swing dresses fit or style them into an outfit.

    I personally recently bought a lovely black swing dress but the size just doesn’t work. I’ve sent you a link to the dress to see its style for yourself. The size below was too short and my normal size is the perfect length but too baggy in the underarms. Instead of hiding my sins and making me feel good it just looks like I’m wearing a nightie.

    And I know a few people having the same problem. Is there anyway to make them just look and feel nicer on? (E.B. via Fashion Advice)

    I prefer the line and styling of this similiar belted,  "almost" swing dress.

    I prefer the line and styling of this similiar belted, “almost” swing dress.

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    Often when a size up or a size down doesn’t fit properly, it’s easier to say that the dress isn’t meant for you before you go into having it tailored.

    As far as style, I prefer the look of the similiar dress that I selected, pictured right.

    If you have this dress already or want to know what to take into account for next time, I’ve done a little tzujing up on your photo, above, for a swing dress redo.

    One would think that the model photo would put the dress in it’s best light, but not always. Having it look just so-so in the catalog should be your first clue that it’s as good as it’s going to get as is.

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    Let’s be clear to all,  I had nothing to do with the way this dress was styled in the photo above. I’ve only put my styling notes on it.

    • Firstly and most important, the sleeve is at an odd length. I would hem it up a bit to be more of a cap sleeve and create a less boxy line across your bustline.
    • A little dart under the bust will add some shape and take away from the “nightie” feel.
    • With an upper part as busy as this lace, the necklace shown is far to heavy and competes with it. Ditch it.
    • Wear hair up or pulled back for a more effortless, sleek look that isn’t as bulky or “done” as the dress style.
    • The shoes are too “thick” looking. Try a pump with a more open front, a platform, or even a strappy sandal to lengthen your leg.

    Hope this helps.

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    I pulled a few other swing dresses for you to shop:

    Photo: provided by reader, styled by us!

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