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  • Uma Thurman Glams Down and Looks, Well, Normal


    I’ll Have What She’s Having: Even Glamazons Can Look Pretty Regular

    Sobering note for all those who think models, actresses, celebrities, and other glamazons are 24/7 glamtastic.

    Here, we have the always beautiful Uma Thurman at Cannes wearing a slinky Roland Mouret purple number on the red carpet one night, and a silvery embellished Cahnel sheath the other. Two different looks, both flawless in her hair and makeup.

    Uma has turned IT on!

    Then, we have the daytime Uma. Her vibrant red dress is a stunner but…

    From glamtastic to realistic!

    From glamtastic to realistic!

    Let’s just say that in this photo, a whole lot of time was not spent on hair and makeup. And you know what I think?

    Uma looks, fantastic! Completely normal.

    Moral of this post: Knowing when to turn IT on and when to take a rest, is the self-confidence that makes for true glam!

    So, the next time you go ragging on yourself that you’re not so special and cannot look they way "they" do, simple remember that glam can be turned on and turned off with the flick of a blowdryer, the swipe of some makeup, and the right attitude. Enjoy you!

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    Photos via focusonstyle.onsuger

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