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    Home Waxing Just Got Easier

    There are two kinds of girls: Waxers and shavers.

    Yeah, there are also the Neanderthal Nina’s, but we won’t go there.

    So what happens when you’re a waxer and time just got away from you? With not a minute to slip into the salon for a quick leg wax fix, your shins start to look like Fido was resting on them as he was preparing for the Great Shed-Off contest.

    Breaking out the razor will cancel-out past waxing efforts. Frankly, who wants to heat up a microwave full of Hairy Houdini hot wax potion and ouch it off yourself? Well, that was before!

    Veet depilatories just launched Aquasystem Warm Wax Roll-On System that uses only tap water to activate and Veet Mousse Hair Remover that glides into all your nooks and crannies so you won’t miss one fleecy little spot.

    The wax is sugar-based so it’s gentler to sensitive skin, something that traces back to Cleopatra.

    “The consumer kept telling us that they wanted a home depilatory that was convenient, safe, and easy,” says Dr. Stewart Gibson, Research and Development Director. You asked for it, now you have it… home hair removal that does not make your hair stand up!

    –June 18, 2002

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